Hola gorgeous Goddesses,

Today I want to talk about the F word. And taking a big step in the direction of my dreams. And how sometimes, I even surprise me.

Talking Stick Sharings…

My Power word for my new year is the F word – Faith. I want to have Faith that the Universe is taking care of me and that I am in the perfect place for my dreams. I want to have Faith to not be discouraged, to keep on believing, to keep on going. I want to have Faith to keep walking this path – the path of who I was born to be.

And my Power word has been showing itself in surprising ways.

First, sacredly enough, an episode of Eli Stone featuring George Michael, and the need to have Faith. So all I’ve been singing and quoting lately is… {sing along now!}

Coz I gotta have Faith, Faith, Faith… baby!

Then a leap of faith…

This morning, driving to work with my beloved, I had a bit of a panic attack. Panic that I was heading off to work when I had so much work I needed to do and *wanted* to do waiting at home. I’m so happy, blessed and excited to have so much creative & sacred work flowing in – but I’d gotten to the point where I had more work than happy balanced time.

The idea came to me that I should work less – three years ago, I changed from full time work to four days a week. Then all these thoughts jumped in – should I, shouldn’t I – money, fear, hope. I felt myself get slowly tangled in thought-knots. It’s so easy to get tied up in ravelling strings of fear and should-nots.

I took a deep breath, and went into stillness. I meditated. When I came out, the answer was clear. The words sat inside me, and I knew to let them out would change my little world. But that the path for me was clear.

So I let them out.

“Darling, I think I will only work three days a week.”

They sit softly in the air.

Then my love answers, in that gentle, easy, reassured way he does:

“That sounds good. Go for it.”

And just like that, I gave into faith. For all the why-nots in the Universe, simple truth remains:
This is my dream.
This is the time.

If I point my nose, my eyes, my heart, my life in the direction of my dreams, miracles will happen. If I make my life a living prayer of what I wish to do, I’ll be able to help even more goddesses around the globe, including me.

And I have learned that blessed balance in my life is sacred – that to live my true life, I need time for rest, replenishment, walks to the mountain, my love, laughter, joy and creativity.

I’m so glad you are here… so soul-excited to be on this journey… and to have you all on this journey with me…

All that blooms from a little Faith…

Passing the talking stick to you…

As always, I’m passing the talking stick along… If you’d like to share about your journey, take the talking stick… and you’ll be listened to unconditionally… this space is held for you…

You are so blessed and loved,

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