Last night when I wrote you, I was dusty and crinkled up. Cabin feverish and ready to spread my wings.

And that whole process of writing to you had me dreaming of what I did want, what sweetnesses might be possible next.

And then this morning: miracle of miracles! My kid was well enough to go to school! And instead of just falling into our normal routine, my love and I lived the FUCK out of our morning together.

We went to a cafe! We walked along the river! We talked, and talked, and talked. I talked his damn FACE OFF.

He said: Crazy idea, but why don’t we just… NOT go home? What if we just hang out here?

So we decided that we’d sit by the river for a couple of hours, which would have been a perfectly amiable way to spend our precious time.

And then he said: While we are here… why don’t we just… get a BOAT?

I’ve been trying to convince him since November to hire a boat with me after I spontaneously took a boat out for a spin for my birthday by myself. It was the last thing I expected for today… to be surprised like this.

And just like that, we were on a boat together, cruising down the river, grinning from ear to ear. I taught him how to drive the boat and he became an accomplished salty seaman as I always knew he was.

We drifted along the river so slowly butterflies were overtaking us, and it was glorious. I felt like I was on holidays for a moment. To Amalfi or Fiji, on a tropical river, just decadent with all the loveliness.

We kept thanking each other afterwards for the experience. Next time: we’ll take the kids and hire one of those big, flat bottomed boats with couches on them. They go even slower! HO HO HO!

I’d totes encourage you in trying a boat sometime. They seem like a Thing That Other People Do, but you can do it too!

Hot tips:

  • They can be surprisingly affordable. For example, where we live it’s $40 for 30 minutes of boat hire or $60 for an hour.
  • Boats take fuck all time to learn – about 30 seconds – and are farrrrrr easier to drive than a car. It’s easier than driving a dodgem!
  • You don’t need a boat licence in Australia to drive hire boats. They don’t go fast enough to qualify. Ha!
  • If you can hire them on a river, it’s a pretty easy place to poodle about and learn. We go on Noosa River which is shallow and fairly calm.
  • Hire boats are easier to drive than sailing boats. Remember that time a billion years ago when I went sailing with workmates? Fuck that was FUN too.

Okay, that’s all.

My skin is kissed with salt and my heart is glad.

I love you all,



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