Hola dearest gorgeous Goddess!!!!!!

I wanted to share this with you.

The Ancient Rule to Curing Overwhelm.

When there’s a gabizillion things to do/think of/heal… how do you cure that chronic state of overwhelm? And how do you choose what thing to do right now?

SUCH good medicine for me right now too. There’s SO much I want to be sharing with you, and some ridiculously ginormous big new dreams that are coming through wanting to happen. Magic to spread, light to shine, art to make.

But for right now?

One thing at a time.

A love letter to you. Then a curl up on the couch with MY HUSBAND (!!) before we head to bed. Then tomorrow? More magic to make!

Hope this wee tip works crazy magnificent wonders for your soul, dearest.

One thing at a magical time.

All my love,