A list post today. Because I don’t have much brain power for anything else.

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  1. I have big weekend plans. See above. I treated myself to a new batch of graphic novels on a bunch of topics. I’m excited. We are also forecast rain which is SPLENDID. Rain + books = ultimate sensory relief. (You can find my yearly best books list here, incase you’re needing some new reads.)
  2. We had visitors for a few days and it was THE LOVELIEST. And so much socialising also had me in autistic shutdown afterwards. My auditory & speech function shut down a bit, and my brain felt like it was on fire at the edges. Am recovering now with a very quiet routine, weighted blankets, essential oils & all the rest. Sometimes it really shits me that I can’t just have a fun time with people and not have a sensory hangover afterwards.
  3. I mused to my husband that sometimes I’m not sure what’s my personality, and what’s my ASD. His response: “Ya know, I just don’t see it like that. Sure, you’ve got a diagnosis. But most of all, you’re Leonie. You’ve always been Leonie. That’s the most important thing.” I think I’ll get that tattooed on my arse.
  4. Our visitors were lovely relatives have been married for close to 50 years. It’s a real joy to spend time with people who’ve been in love for so long and are still so clearly in love. It’s like a little portal into the future of what me and Mr D will be.
  5. I may have to start my next 21 day challenge a little bit later in May. Mama’s brain needs a reset from new information.
  6. We have a new bird friend to add to our backyard regulars. Currently we have three pee wees named Jerry, Gerry and Jeri, and a magpie, Nut, who is a beleaguered single dad to two adolescents named Cashew and Almond. There are many more, but these are the ones we have see daily and have attached extensive backstories and personalities to. Now there is a new bird on the block – an eagle who has taken to flying over our property, calling distinctively. It’s a beautiful sound. I have named him Terry Muller, after a childhood friend who passed away a couple of years ago. Terry always told everyone he saw that they looked beautiful today, and I like to think that eagle is doing the same.
  7. The Prices-Are-Doubling sale is almost finished, along with a month of daily blogging and podcasting. I’m proud of what I’ve been able to create and share. I need a wee nap, and then I can get on with all the new goodies I want to make next.

Big love,