This morning consisted of:

  • Doctors
  • Blood test + poop test
  • X-rays for foot
  • Chemist for advice about spewing kid’s medications
  • Hunter-gathering some salad rolls to appease my husband’s craving

Now I’m home, and all set up for the afternoon. BEHOLD MY WORK CAMP:

Heat pack and pillows for my back, books and stationery and tea GALORE. I could live here for years now.

How many books does a girl need?


Incase you’re wondering how my kids’ BEST DAY EVER OF CRAFTING is going, behold this magnificent creation that one of my kids just made as a gift for the other. The Vomit Gods ARE willing today… we’re thus far a spew-free zone. PRAISE BE!

May it continue to be so!

Big love & tender hugs,