A wee widdle wist for today:

  • Mr D took the girls out this morning for a craft store run. I lay on the couch like a sloth. It was SPLENDID.
  • Finally put the finishing touches on revarnishing my studio door
  • Gap fillered around my studio door. I’ll be honest, it’s not smooth, but it does the job. I’m sure it will look better once I’ve painted the whole thing. At least there’s no gaping caverns between layers anymore!
  • Added a resources section to my free page to include links to Tools of the trade, my annual Best Book lists, Autism resources, Anti-Racism reads and LGBTQIA, disability & mental health resources.
  • Also did a wee design update of my annual Best Book lists catalogue.
  • Remember how I shared my Mon-Do list? I decided to kill it off. It was making me feel overly anxious and driven to perform for others instead of me. I’ve got a good productivity system happening already with a bullet-ish journal setup and an accountability buddy when I need it. Making it public was just going to equal me turning my productivity show-pony on and burning out.
  • Doing these daily posts where I talk about what I did? Feels totally great. Are they interesting enough for you?
  • My 7 year old just said as I was putting her to bed: “I AM SO EXCITED FOR TOMORROW!!!!”
    Me: “Why’s that honey?”
    Her: “Because Daddy said we might have WAFFLES FOR BREAKFAST! I CAN BARELY WAIT! Also, I still have craft projects to finish up tomorrow. It is going to be SO GREAT!”
    I can barely cope with her cuteness. Excitable 7 year olds are the greatest. They are like the Sue Hecks of the universe.
  • Also, we have been re-watching The Middle together as a family, and find it FAR TOO RELATABLE. There’s a little bit of Frankie Heck in all of us tired mamas. HAAAAAA.

That is all!