It’s time for changing of the guards (journals) again. I quite enjoyed the ritual of it last time, so I thought I’d share the process again.

This time I’m retiring my completely full-to-the-brim Moleskine Extended Version journal, and migrating to a Studio Milligram dated diary (I’m ignoring the dates). After this, I’ll try a squared Leuchtturm1917 journal. I must say though, I’m very attached so far to the Moleskine Extended Version – I loved how THICK it was (400 pages)… you could really set up home in there. So unless I fall in love with either of those new journals, I’ll head back in that direction I reckon.

I must say, I also feel quite attached to this journal. I couldn’t bear to retire it to my studio after it being my constant companion for the last few months. Instead I popped it, pride of place, in my bedside table.

There were some pages in there that I wanted to further memorialise as well… so much fun, insights & goodness in this journal.

That time I decided to handwrite everything in large spirally words.

A rad email I printed and glued in.

Interior design ideas for our TV wall.

My mindmap for taking a month off in May to focus on life stuff.

Left: a mindmap of everything on my brain. Right: postcard from PonyGold.

Collages & postcards from friends.

Artist takeover from Mermaid Daughter #2 (7yo).

Reminder to self.

This beautiful quote.

News cutting.

Left: postcard from Tammy Hudgeon. Right: drawings of how my brain felt before + after leaving social media.

Where upon my journal becomes a bit bullet-journalish and I start adding in calendars + weekly priorities in it too. (BTW, my adopted English niece Katie has a wonderful bullet journal course that I’ve taken & found so helpful.)

Whereupon I take notes from a sleep dream I had to dress up like a basic bitch & party on top of a boat. I then proceeded to actually do it, and it was 10/10 adorable.

Miscellaneous… where pages go from to do list, to drawing, to brainstorming, to reflecting, all in the space of 2 pages.

This insight that burbled up.

I’m so grateful for falling back in love with journalling again this year.

It’s brought me so much calm, productivity & insights.

I’m so excited for the next journal adventure!