“Do you want to experience real love?

The best and fastest way to achieve this lofty state of being, is you must first learn to give love. In the giving, you will receive. The love must pass through you, then out of you, then outwards.

In reality, you can only give love to yourself, no one can give you love. That is why, when you chase it externally, you will always be dismally disappointed.”

From Visualize and Achieve

I am realising this more and more of late.

Whenever I find myself lately in a state of “lack” ~ feeling down and a bit unloved because I haven’t had any emails or letters, or because people aren’t entertaining me; I make a conscious decision to stop hungering for the love, and instead give it.

I send an email, I look at other people’s websites and leave comments, I reply to old letters.

And soon, without me even realising, the love begins to flow back in.

By sending out love, we receive it back from ourselves.

And, more often than not, from the rest of the world.

Every single time I make the decision to stop feeling like I lack, and start sending out my own love again, the emails and communications and warming thoughts begin to pour in again. The love ebbs and flows.

Perhaps… Perhaps… The love ebbs because of an energy block within ourselves. And by sending out the love again, we reinstate that energy equilibrium.

Don’t ask what your country can do for you.

Ask what you can do for your country.

Or your world. Your solar system. Your universe.

Or as simple and abundant as your heart.