Hey my petunias,

SO! Something exciting to share with you!!!!

It’s what I lovingly call “Butt Fuck O’Clock” here… last night was a 2am-er, and it’s midnight now. Feeling slightly loco-cocoa-puffs. It’s rare that I do these kinds of things, but when there are donkeys to be ridden… HEE HAW HEE HAW!




Many of you have shared that you wished you could get an extended payment plan for the Shining Biz + Life Academy to make it easier on the pocket…

So for just THIS MONTH… we’ve pulled together the most extended payment plan we could possibly do to make it as ultra affordable + budget friendly for you as possible.

           Go check it out here!!!!!!!

I haven’t done this before…

I haven’t offered this before + don’t know if I ever will again. Will see how it pans out, I guess!!!

550x400 2

The Academy is the place where I pile my life’s work + resources.

We’re creating new content all the time – this month will see our first Academy LIVE face-to-face event in Denver, plus a Create Your Website With WordPress Course AND the Double Your Biz in 365 days email program.

AND Grant + I had a wildly creative brain-blowing afternoon coming up with a new thing that will be really really precious to share. AND because it’s been nearly a year since we started working together, he is starting to get a little bit of what Leonie is about: i.e. The World’s Worst Secret Keeper! And as soon as we came up with it, he said “Now Leonie… NO SHARING IT UNTIL THE END OF THE MONTH.” So that’s great. Now I have to try and not blurt it out everywhere I go. THANKS A LOT, GRANT.



I’m continuing to focus my energy (and my team’s) (and all our company resources) to the Academy.

If you’re wanting to work deeper with me, if you’re wanting to start + grow your business, if you want to do it without sacrificing your sanity or joy, if you want to know exactly what I’ve done to create a million dollar company… the Academy is the best (and the only) way to do that with me.

I’ve made it as affordable as possible. Many of my business coach associates have told me that what I’m sharing in the Academy is similar to what they share in their high end coaching programs (charged at $20k+ a year)… and I share all the information super affordably so as many of you can say YES as possible… and start doing the work of creating + growing + blooming a life + a business that serves your biggest, highest purpose in the world.

Here’s a sneak peek of what the Academy looks like inside:

Academy Screenshot

I see it as this Earth Angel Incubation + Activation space.

All these beautiful souls with BIG dreams and gifts and healing and wisdom to share with the world (in so, so, so many forms)… and we’re crafting a sanctuary to refuel + inspire + help all of you help all the people you are supposed to help this life… and do it in a state of abundance and nourishment as well.. not poverty, lack and depletion.

I feel so very blessed by this year already… how the universe brought another earth angel to me in the form of our COO Grant… how our missions aligned… and how the Academy is stronger + more magical because of it.

Speaking of angels… look at these magic creatures who help me with the Academy? It’s not just lil ol’ me guyz. I’m a fully legittttt bizness.

Grant Circle 500   Erin Circle 500  Joyce Circle 500 Amber Circle 500 Kelsey Circle  Tamara Circle

And we are loading in even more support in the Academy!

  • 60+ courses on business, marketing, tech, creativity, spirituality + meditation!
  • Weekly Ask Me Anythings on business, tech, customer service, life, parenting soul + creativity by me, our tech expert & sage papa-bear Grant, our social media expert Erin + our customer service expert Joyce.
  • Weekly call-in times so you can speak with one of our team over the phone.
  • Two Facebook masterminds + an upcoming membership site forum as well.
  • Mastermind with 2200+ women from across the globe who are passionate, spirited + creative big dreamers… just like you.

I’m truly honoured to be a part of this magnificent thing that is changing so many women’s lives.

If you’re ready… ready to step up… ready to share your gifts in a big way… have a wildly abundant business and live your beautiful life too…

COME JOIN US… We would be honoured to help you and support you and give you all the resources, information + tools you need to get there.

Jump on our September Shining Special… we can’t wait to pour love on you on the other side…

With SO much love + light + joy,