best of august

Good golly Miss Molly,

What a damn huge month August was.

August was the month I:

  • made a lot of mistakes
  • fixed those mistakes
  • cried a lot as I did it
  • healed my heart as I did it
  • created a lot
  • moved across the countryside
  • moved into our new home.


Here’s the glorious things I posted in Amazing August!


The Story Of A Fuck-Up

As of lately, I’ve come up against the hard parts of myself. The bits that still need healing.

Basically, I fucked up.

Read on to find out how.



Podcast: The One I Talk About Soul + Work + Body Stuff

My third podcast (you can subscribe in iTunes!) is published.

It’s deep + quiet + still.

Click here to listen!

2 make-up-mask

The Make-Up Mask

I’ve been thinking about something. Something I feel feminazi about. (Ruh roh? Do I sense Kardashian Gate #2 arising?)

And this is it: Why the fuck is it that only women have to wear makeup in order to look “beautiful”? But blokes? Blokes are totally fine as they are. They don’t have to cover their face with a chemical-laden mask.

Why is it we’re not enough, just as we are, just as we were born?

Because we are. We are. We are.

Click here to read more!

3 FREEPOSTERworksheet

Things You Need To Thrive (A Printable Worksheet)

It’s so deeply important that we get to know what makes us thrive and remind ourselves of this, often.

So, to help…I made a fun, free printable poster/worksheet for you.

Grab yours now!

4 1-question-2-answers

1 Question, 2 Answers: How Do I Start A Business While Working To Pay The Bills?

Grant, Chief Operations Officer/brother-from-another-mother and I will be answering one of your questions, 2 answers – 1 question style!

Namely: How do I start a business while working to pay the bills?

You won’t want to miss this – read on here.


5 golden-rules-leonie

The Golden Rules Of Leonie: If I Forget These, I’m Fucked

Lately I’ve been forgetting some things – my golden eggs.

My rules + mottos + mantras + boundaries. The thing that makes my business thrive and soul shine.

Are they the right rules for everyone? Nope, but they are for me.

Sneak a peek here.



Strength Used Well

Grant sharing a gift of wisdom that’s a little bit about my recent fuck up,  and a lot about what it made him think of.

Grant’s kind of like the Malcolm Gladwell of the heart – he uses analogy + snapshots of story to share the bigger picture. I learned so much from this.

My high school best mate said this one and my fuck-up post are some of her favourites she’s ever read, and she found it so helpful.


Read on here.

7 steve-biddulph-quote-poster-SMALL1

Free Poster + Colouring Page: Our Amazing Bodies

I once went to a wonderful lecture by best-selling parenting author Steve Biddulph. You can see all my illustrated notes from it here.

One of the illustrations I shared sounded a bell within many of your hearts + you asked for a poster.

Behold! Not just a poster… but a colouring page too!

Download it here!


The Chant That Changed Me

Years back, a group of us from work would go to meditation + chanting classes at the Sri Chinmoy centre in Canberra not far from our office building.

Our teacher Prakesh would lead us through different meditations + chants. One day, Prakesh pulled out this keyboard contraption that was powered by a large billow. And he played, and began to sing.

Here is the chant that changed me (and if you are interested in hearing it – a lovely Facebook friend shared an audio version here!)

9 ted-talks

10 TED Spiritual Talks That Will Change Your Life

I went a’huntin for you… to find you the best spiritual talks that will change your life.

These are ones that touch my heart + share deep messages on creativity, faith, courage, vulnerability + stepping up into your light.

Special thanks to my hunky husbo, aka TED Talk Finder Extraordinaire. Mr D just rivets me with the glorious pieces he finds!

See the 10 talks here!

1 Leonie's Scrapbook

Leonie’s Scrapbook: The Moving Edition

Here’s the latest post in my regular instalment of my scrapbook… pictures + words + rambly goodness of what I’ve been up to and what I’m thinking! Parts 1, 2 and 3 here.

This one is a bit of a long one… covering our final weeks in Hobart, our move to Canberra + our new home here.

Cup of tea? Sit down by a fire for a long chat? Yeah?

See the post here.

11 One-Shining-Day

Huge Announcement! Shining Academy Live Event!

Excited to announce our first LIVE full day event in the United States!

Grant Andrew will be leading a one-day Shining Academy business mastermind intensive in Denver, Colorado on September 24.

You coming? Details here!

May your day be big, blessed + bright,