G’day gorgeous souls!

A pep coaching class today in what to do when dealing with rejection.

This is for you if something you’ve wanted to happen hasn’t worked out.

2 really good real-life examples of disappointment

There’s two examples I can share of disappointment and “rejection” – two that are intimately related to me.

The first one – we sold out of our 2 retreats AND our private coaching retreats in just one week.

And of course, as soon as we sold out, we got literally a DOZEN emails from gorgeous souls begging us to open up more spaces or another retreat weekend so they can book in.

And we couldn’t for three reasons:

1. I’m building a new program and am conscious of how much energy that’s going to take for me to create and build it out over the coming months

2. The retreats were at my home with my family. I think that’s really special – both my husband and daughter have gifts to share, and women would be able to see close up just how we make this business-family-home balanced lifestyle work for us. My husband and daughter were happy to do share themselves with a few small groups, but I’m conscious of taking too much time and energy from them by taking on more and more retreat weekends. Our lifestyle is the most important thing.

3. And lastly: I need to stay in integrity with what I say I’m going to do. I’d already said those retreats were the only way to work live with me this year. And even though there’s more interest and I could have earned more money, I’d be doing it by letting my boundaries and integrity be lenient. And I’m not interested in having flopsy boundaries and integrity.

So the retreats are full, and there’s also some disappointed women out there who really wanted to be there because they knew it would transform their business and their life.

Another real life example of disappointment:

Recently I advertised an opening for a new VA for my company. I know SO many people have a big dream to work for me and my company. And yet the reality is, we had over 40 people apply and only one position available.

Let me share with you what to do if you’ve been one of those people, or if you’re handling rejection + disappointment of a different kind.


3 Steps To Handling Rejection + Disappointment



This is not an excuse to think that the universe failed you. That your dream isn’t going to come true.

That you can give up now, because you tried and it didn’t work out so it’s obviously not meant to be.

I’m as big of a hippy as anyone around, but I do get pissy at hippy victim mentality.

“Ohhhh well, I tried this once, I put myself out there, and the universe didn’t respond, so it’s not meant to be, so I’ll just give up now and tell anyone that asked that I did what I could but it wasn’t meant to be.”

When really what’s going on is this:

You wanted something.

You took a leap toward it.

(It was scary. It took courage. I know.)

It didn’t happen.

So you give up on it.

You never try again.

Hey, I get it. I’ve done that shit before.

I remember I spent MONTHS writing a book proposal when I was 23. And I sent it to one publishing company, who said they liked it, but were waiting another year before they decided to publish more creative inspiration books, and to try again then.

And what did I do?

Nudda. Nothing. I shelved the proposal and never sent it off again.

“Oh well, I tried to get a publishing deal, but it wasn’t meant to be.”


It was me saying:

“I tried once. I got a maybe. I didn’t try again because I was afraid and I didn’t keep momentum.”

I could have done two things from here:

I could have decided to get my shit together + carry on towards my dreams.

Or I could have decided that I would never make it as an artist + writer, shelved all my dreams, kept working in a cubicle + gotten a bit dried out + jaded in the process.

I got my shit together eventually of course. Went and created my own lil publishing empire.

But holy guacamole. Can you imagine if I decided THAT was the end of my dream?

I would have missed out completely.

So you’ve got a choice here, lady:

Is this the end of your dream? Or are you going to keep going after it?


If you’re feeling in pain or sadness or in grump-city, enlist the services of extreme + exceptional self care.

Some pointers to help you along the way:

And if you’ve filled out your 2012 Creating your Goddess Year workbook, now’s the time to pull out your “What To Do When Everything Sucks” card.

Give yourself what you need + be gentle with your very best friend in the world.




And here’s the secretty-secret step that people forget to do, that ends up robbing them of momentum toward their dreams.

They forget to finish up the self care cycle, and jump on the Action Bandwagon one.

You gotta get prepared for next time honey. The next opportunity, the next thing that you want to say yes to.

Get yourself in the place that will make things say yes to YOU.

Maybe you didn’t get a spot at one of my retreats because you were indecisive, or you didn’t have the money together.

Maybe you didn’t get the job because you didn’t have the experience you needed.

So change that.

Save your shekels up, ready to go when the next opportunity to work with me arises.

Work through the action plan of how to afford what you want so you are ready to jump on it.

If you’re indecisive, commit to investing in you now.

If you need more experience, more skills, more whatever it is you need to get what you want – GET THEM.

Bring yourself up to the place where you need to be to receive what you want in your life.


It’s all doable love!

So there you go! 3 steps to get you from bum bummmm to w00t w0000t!

Let’s go catch those incredible lives + incredible businesses of ours!