Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I’m so so so so so so so excited to announce the next big beautiful dream that we are creating!

It’s bigger than big… wild big… ginormous big…

My family is converting part of our farm into a spiritual community with acreage blocks that people can build their own sanctuaries on… and eventually, I’ll be living there too and creating a retreat centre!

Our little place in the world is such special land, and we really believe that it would be so beautiful to be able to share it so that others can live there too and experience it and be blessed by it. I know that land forms a huge, huge part of who I am, and it has been a healing place in my life since I was born. And it would be amazing to create a spirited, joyful community there – of healers, artists, teachers, families, spiritually-minded people and people who are passionate about natural living.

Crystalbrook Retreat video

Crystalbrook Retreat from Goddess Leonie on Vimeo.

Part of Crystalbrook Retreat has been reserved for a retreat centre that will be used for workshops and retreats. Eventually, we would love to host teachers from all over the world to bring their beautiful teachings & healing work to Proserpine.

We’ve already created a meditation labyrinth and crystal grid at the retreat, and we are working with the animals, trees and angels of the land to make it the most joyful, spirited space.

How you can be a part

You can buy your own part of Crystalbrook Retreat and build your own sanctuary there. Blocks available for sale range in shape and size from 5-15 acres and include rainforest, woodland, bushland, watercourses and open land including areas for council approved house sites.

If you know of anyone that is looking for their own sanctuary or might be interested, please, please do let them know about Crystalbrook Retreat. We really, really want this beautiful dream to become true!

You can also become a fan of Crystalbrook Retreat on Facebook.

About Crystalbrook Retreat

The retreat is nestled against the Clark Ranges, near Proserpine and Airlie Beach in the beautiful Whitsundays.

Crystalbrook Retreat is a special place – it is a haven for native wildlife including the endangered Proserpine Rock Wallaby, butterflies, lizards, possums and gliders. We’ve also got so many gorgeous birds – including rainbow lorikeets, kingfishers, kookaburras, parrots, honeyeaters and rosellas. The retreat land has seasonal natural watercourses, a healthy ecosystem and untouched virgin fertile rich black soil.

You’ll be able to grow your own vegetables, keep horses, be hobby or organic farmers, create habitat for wildlife… or just keep beautiful space & earth around you.

We so believe that we need more communities of conscious, joyful, positive people… living closer together & closer to the land.

We’re really excited to be able to open up our farm for other people to share in… and believe this is the beginning of a big, precious new destiny.

Want to know more?

To find out more about Crystalbrook Retreat and the community we are creating here, check out:

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And if you’d like to know any more information, or find out about how to buy your own part of Crystalbrook Retreat, please do contact us.

To big, big dreams

Thank you so much for being you…

I’m so excited and blessed to share this new unfolding with you ~ do let me know what you think!

Big love,