I’ve been blogging for over five years ago… a true journal of my journey.

Tonight I went back and found one post from each of those Novembers that are signposts from my journey.

In November 2004, I walked a labyrinth.

It was my first time in a woman’s gathering, and we walked a sacred labyrinth in the bush on a divine, womb-like retreat.

Joining that women’s circle is the single thing that has changed my life. It awakened within me a knowing that women’s work was what I would do for the rest of my life.

Blissful and soulful and true.

In November 2005, I had my first day at work as an artist.

After wandering around my dreams, I took a big, deep breath and a leap.

I started working part time so once day a week I could paint, and write, and grow, and share… doing the thing that filled my heart with bliss.

In November 2006, I celebrated my birthday on a mountain.

(Picture above)

I had started running my own circles, and was becoming my own best friend.

I did what any best friend would do, and organised a birthday celebration in the mountains.

In November 2007, I posted namaste from India.

My dream come true.

I remember writing that post:

We were staying in a marble hotel in Agra, the home of the Taj Mahal. Across the road, there were families living beneath tarp, and dredging the gutters with water buffalo. The internet access was a tiny shack beside the hotel where most of the computers didn’t work, and the internet kept dropping out.

All my life, I knew I had to go to India.

And I was finally there.

In November 2008, I ran my first Creative Goddess workshop here in Canberra.

After running my first three-day retreat, then one-day retreat, the Creative Goddess workshop was born in Canberra one year ago.

It was a precious day filled with paint and children and circles and revelation. Pure joy.

That workshop became the inspiration for the online Creative Goddess e-Course, which began Goddess School… and the beginning of a whole new story for me and my spirited business dream-come-true.

All these things… all happening in November, my birth month.

From one small labyrinth, a whole journey of spirit and art and love and dreams-come true unfolded.

I couldn’t have known how my life would be changed in five years, and what blessings I would find.

And I cannot know where the next five years of this journey will take me either… I only know that wherever it takes me,

it will change me,

and it will all be perfect.

It’s true.