Oh this makes me cackle… I have a new freebie to give to you today. DOWNLOAD IT HERE! MAKE HASTE!

It makes me cackle because it took me a good week all up to make it with two days of design work… and it serves no strategic purpose whatsoever. It’s just something I felt like making! Creativity for joy’s sake!

So basically… I read a book. A wonderful book on creativity and writing and making art. I studied it, made notes, highlighted it like the diligent lil student I am.

Then I took those notes and turned them into… a 50 page collaged zine. It was blooming fun, I tell you! It became the most decadent kaleidescope of colour and wisdom.

It felt like I could let the wisdom of the book permeate deeper into my bones with all those words and imagery. And I thought it would be fun to share my book fan zine with you!

CLICK HERE TO DOWNLOAD! (No opt-in required!!!)

Hope you love it just as much as I do.

And happy Bridgerton Season 3 release week!

I’ve pre-gamed this season by re-reading the book series for the fifth time and read 50+ fan fictions of the Polin romance. Am I emotionally prepared? No, no I am not.

Getting season 3 really is a nice lil treat for all our hard work being the rad humans we are. Saint Shonda Rhimes has truly blessed us all.

Right, that’s enough ridiculousness for the week.


I love you! Go read my exists-purely-for-delight zine! Go watch some top quality lady shmut! Let’s live our best lives together!

Big love,

P.S. Need more ridiculousness in your life? OF COURSE YOU ARE! YOU MUST BE POSITIVELY STARVING FOR RIDIC! Thus, make haste and henceforth be catching up on all my podcast eps!

And yes I WILL be speaking for the next month like I have time travelled back to a time before modern hygiene standards! Toodle pip!