My loves!

My week in dot points:

  • I started the week with a long to-do list for work, and ended the week with a long to-do list still to go. I did finish & present a new Academy workshop on Launching though, 2 new presentations created and recorded, plus 2 podcast interviews done. Have to take that as a win. Oh, Thursday was a public holiday as well.
  • Is it Mercury retrograde or some other kind of planetary fuckery? Had a few tech and comm snafus which made my little brow furrow.
  • Started & finished Emily Henry’s “Funny Story” in a day. Freaking DELIGHTFUL. All her romances are my favourite.
  • I released a virtual co-working room that my Academy members can use together. I’ve been using it myself for work stints and damn is it helpful!
  • Oh, that’s right, I managed to not only superglue my fingers together but also superglue my thumb to the superglue tube. I AM NOT EVEN KIDDING. It took HOURS of soaking and scrubbing with soap and acetone to get it off.
  • Finally managed to rebook private Pilates sessions after 3 months off. I’ve missed it desperately. Mostly though I miss going to have tea and cake afterwards at the bookstore cafe. It’s a highlight of my week.
  • One of my kids had a sleepover this weekend to do craft projects with her bestie. My other kid spent her time harvesting herbs from our garden and researching their healing properties. Honestly, these kids are a freakin’ DELIGHT. They are the coolest humans.
  • Managed to do a bunch of errands this week – decluttered some of my kids’ book collection and donated it to their school, did a charity shop donation run and sent parcels off. ✅ ✅ ✅ DOPAMINE THRILLS!
  • I dislocated my jaw in December for the millionth time (thanks hypermobility!) but this time it developed into an intense lockjaw condition. I’ve been having osteopathy weekly/fortnightly since then, plus I now sleep with a temporary jaw splint. I still can’t yawn without pain, but otherwise the constant pain is almost gone thankfully. This week I’m going back to the dentist, and I’m crossing my fingers that I can open my jaw wide enough and long enough to get a permanent jaw splint made. My sweet dentist has decided to get me on happy gas to keep my jaw loose for the process. I’m hoping it’s just as fun as I remember it being as a kid. I’m also hoping it doesn’t cause a massive pain flare up! I will let you know how I go. Also no, please don’t ask me how I dislocated my jaw. 👀

Big love,