I’m sharing the first interview of 2022 today and HOO BOY are you going to LAHHHHV this one!

Nancy Norbeck of the Follow Your Curiosity podcast had a thrilling conversation all about creativity, life and biz.

Here’s what Nancy had to say about our interview:

When I think of someone who is unstoppably creative, I think of Leonie Dawson, who is my guest today. As you’ll hear, Leonie is an artist, writer, and inveterate experimenter who build a 7-figure business by trying as many things as possible to see what she loved the most, and runs on the philosophy that whoever’s having the most fun wins. We talk about everything from how she encourages creativity with her kids to her decision to leave social media to the fact that it really is okay to decide not only who you want to work with, but who you don’t—and a whole lot more. This is a wide-ranging conversation that offers a lot to chew on for any creative soul or entrepreneur.

Get ready to be inspired as fuck!

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