Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

Three lovely things for you today:

One: Winners!

We’ve got three winners from the Goddess Giveaway!!!

The winner of Tangerine Meg‘s Bold Art for Bold Souls gift pack is:

The winner of Katrina Dreamer‘s lovely Oak Tree print is:

The winner of the Radiant Goddess e-course is:

To claim your giveaways, just pop me an email so I can set you all up, like a goddess-giveaway-love-making-service!

Two: Last day for Early Goddess discounts

And if you’re not planning on grabbing any of the new meditations while they are on sale – that’s totally perfect!

But if you are, and just haven’t got there yet, just a lil reminder it’s the last day today before the price pops up.

And thank you so much to all the beautiful goddesses who’ve already purchased… it makes all ze weeks of creating them so worth it… and I hope they are going on to create such beautiful magic in your life!

Three: Mermaid in my Belly

All of a sudden, little mermaid in my belly has gotten very round. And I’m nearly six months, but I just had my first stranger say “Oh! You are growing a child!” to me. And it was really kind of lovely… he didn’t ask if I was pregnant, he was just delighted that I was growing a child.

And I feel a little weepy with happiness as I think about that… that’s just precious.

Here’s a recent piccy I like… just a random photo from PhotoBooth… me, my moon-belly, little mermaid, and Chris in his Mad t-shirt right beside us.

This photo makes me happy…

It’s time to eat some raw chocolate banana ice-cream (I blend up dates, bananas, water & organic cocoa powder… pop in the freezer… then serve with coconut, walnuts & chia seeds… deeeelectemo!)… then curl up like a cat for the night 🙂

Big love to you all,