Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

As I’m entering my third trimester of pregnancy, I’ve been in tie-up-loose-ends mode.. knowing that this is the last month or two to send out goodies into the world for a while, before I head into mama-cave. And it’s also summer time in this beautiful part of the world – my natural time of creative bursts for me. So I’m harnessing the energy of summer and this time to release some goddess treasures.

I so want the beautiful work of goddessness to continue even while I’m in mama-cave… thus why I’ve got Goddess Sone being the circle leader for Goddess School… and I also wanted to create some more meditation kits that goddesses can access at any time to get whatever goddess wisdom, healing and connection they need.

So! Two beautiful new meditation kits to share with you all…

Releasing Fears Meditation Kit

Ya know when you get really really stuck from your fears… or you have just this vague feeling of being unsettled and anxious?

The Releasing Fears meditation is a woah-powerful meditation to help you face your fears, hear their medicine, and let them go.

You’ll be totally and completely supported along the way, and you’ll feel stronger, shinier and clearer afterwards… and ready to go kick some goddess butt on your big dreams and beautiful life 🙂

You can check out the Releasing Fears Meditation here.

Chakra Healing Goddess Meditation Kit

I wanted to create a kit that was a really potent healing tool… one that you could put in your medicine bag and use again and again, whenever you needed a lift, needed physical/emotional/spiritual healing, and needed to find your shine and zing again. It’s a complete meditation to cleanse your chakras, and meet your healing goddess.

The goddesses who’ve already used this have had huge and beautiful and powerful experiences of it… it’s just stunningly lovely.

This kit also comes with a whole bundle of bonuses too.

You can check out the Chakra Healing Goddess Meditation Kit here.

And remember this beauty?

I released the Divine Dreaming Meditation Kit a few months ago and it has been ginormously popular. It’s a beautiful kit to help you fall asleep faster and have more amazing dreams. Each week, I get the most precious emails from goddesses who are using this meditation to heal their insomnia, take naps during stressful times and have their first good night’s sleep after accidents. It makes me teary-happy, this kit.

Anyway, the price of it is going up – but for the next couple of days you can grab it at the Early Goddess discount below!

To check out more about the Divine Dreaming Meditation kit, head over here.

The Early Goddess Discount

For the next two days, I wanted to give you a big goddess-sister discount… to thank you for being here, and sharing this magical, shining, inspiring journey with me.

The meditations are all going to be $24.95 each.

But for the next couple of days, just put “EarlyGoddess” (without the quotation marks) as a coupon code into the shopping cart, and you’ll get them for $14.95 each.

There are also combination packs available so you can pick up two or three meditations for an even more scrumptious price:

  • Two meditations will be $34.95 once released [value of $49.90] (but use the “EarlyGoddess” code and you’ll get them for $24.95)
  • All three meditations will be $49.95 once released [value of $79.85] (but use the “EarlyGoddess” code and you’ll get them for $34.95).

Head on over to the bottom of Meditations page to see all the combo packages available.

Please, please, please just make sure you put “EarlyGoddess” into the coupon code box, and choose “Update Cart” before you checkout, and make sure you are paying at the discount price. I’m really sorry but I can’t refund for coupons afterwards… it takes up a ginormo-bundle of time, and lil mermaid baby needs her afternoon nap. 🙂

Early goddess discount will be gone by the end of the week, so if you want in, remember the wisdom of the birdy at dawn… or something lovely and poetic like that… hee hee hee.

Oh! And double thing!

The meditations out of these kits are from the Creative Goddess e-course – so goddess, if you’ve already done my Creative Goddess e-course, or are planning to in Term 2 of Goddess School, don’t buy either of these meditations, as you’ll get them in your Creative Goddess bundle.

You can still go nutty on the early-goddess discount for the Divine Dreaming meditation though! That one is only available as the kit.

Okly-dokly… I think that’s it…

Little mermaid, did I remember everything?

*splish splash*

hee hee hee…

I so hope these kits are beautiful resources for your medicine belt of power tools… and that they come at the perfect time for you.

Thank you so much for being you, fellow Goddess!

big big love,

Me & Chief Meditation Muse, Charlie the Healer Puppy!