Hola gorgeous Goddesses!!!!



Are you ready?


This kid’s handmade playhouse is pretty much the most magical thing ever.

My beautiful friend Marianne Elliott is trying to raise $20 000 for Suraya, an amazing woman who heals other women in Afghanistan. Her story touched my heart and I had to give.

I think I might make a tablecloth like this.


Meg is amazing. Dancing With Failure. That is damn inspiring. I’m so proud of that brave, courageous woman.

Dyana Valentine & Woke Up Knowing is luminous.

Watch & see:


you will survive from Dyana Valentine on Vimeo.

Worthiness Wednesday. Just lovely.

My amazing friend Akiah is selling her spiritual store here in Proserpine. Are you called? COME! LIVE HERE!!!!! IT’S GODDESS TOWN!!!!

Beltane! Faerie! Picnic!

My lovely friend Britt is running a wonderful blogging course for creatives ~ Juicy Blogging. I think she’s actually already midsession, but you should nag her to run it again v soon 😉

This review of my Business Goddess course was pretty much the most wonderful thing to hear ever. I’m SO GLAD the course is helping soooo many goddesses in big, powerful ways. That’s what it’s there to do!!!

My amazing friend Stevie just published In the Lap of the Goddess!

I heart artsy crap spilling everywhere.

Mama Goddess Corner

On listening to your mama instincts.

This story about two men adopting 12 children is utterly beautiful.

Stop wasting your time arguing with other mothers.

Celebrating Mama Beauty. All of it. Unspeakably sacred and utterly yes.

Guest posting Goddess

I’m a part of the beautiful (and free!!!) ebook 23 Things You Might Not Know About You.

My pregnacious goddess photos were posted over on Offbeat Mama.

I woz interviewed over at the beyootiful Artisantopia.

I was mentioned in Goddess Guru ezine too. Weeeoooo!

Annnnnd the Top 6 Places for Hippies in Canberra. Nine years of experience and wisdom baybeeee.

And I was a contributor for Regiving ebook : a beautiful anthology of kindness & laughter stories.

Video Goddess

Truly madly deeply I ADORE you & wanna see you SHINE!!!!