Hola my beautiful hearts!


HUGE BIG BEAUTIFUL FREE THINGS are already heeeeeeere!

Are you ready for ultra booms of love and insight and rainbows beamed to you from my heart in tropical paradise?



Let’s goooo!

P.S. This post is brought to you by a packet of dark chocolate coated goji berries. Thank you gojis, for the blogging fuel & mojo! So if this post seems overexcitable, please remember:

1. That’s normal for me.

2. We can blame the gojis anyway.

Hee hee hee!


Guess what?

GoddessGuidebook.com is getting a makeover. Come and have a looksee!!!!

goddess website

The inspiration behind this change?

After six years of blogging & 1500+ blog posts & 50+ static pages, I *really* wanted to make it simpler & easier to find everything. There’s a new welcome video (on the sidebar) that we did beneath my magical fig tree (that I blog in, when snakes aren’t scaring the living bleepers out of me up there). AND a new Free Goodies page!

I’m super super proud that I managed to design & code it all myself. There’s still a few things to tidy up where my coding spells didn’t work *quite* as magically as I had hoped… but still! All good! Progress! Rainbows!


This is the new free thang I made for you!!!

It was fuelled by Angel Foods raw cheesecake. Thank you big sissy for owning a yumlicious food company so I can eat it all.

I really wanted to create a powerful toolkit that you can use ANYTIME you need to feel like a Goddess again. Anytime you feel lost, dishevelled, bummed, bored or broken. And hey! anytime you feel glad, groovy and good too! I’m pretty sure it will always just improve things no matter what!

Please for the love of raw cheese, go get the new FREE!!! Goddess in 10 Minutes Kit.

It only takes a few moments to feel like a goddess again.

True dat.

Okay my darlinghearts, enjoy enjoy enjoy…

there’s more biiiiig magic stuff coming… but for now… soak in these ones!

I love you so cwazy much & believe in you x a bazillion million frillion,

P.S. While we were making the new video, Trish also took this ridiculously cute photo of a hibiscus flower. I also spotted a blonde fairy hovering around it:

This is the photo:

Can you see it?

It makes me giggle forevaaaa.

P.P.S. Please make my day & go download the kit. That way I’ll know it’s out there dancing in the world doing what it needs to do. Making days even more goddessy & gorgeous.

Just how it should be!!!! YAY!