Goddess of the Night, acrylic and mixed on canvas

She is a Goddess of the Night.
The stars sing melodies to her,
melodies that have no words,
but unveil the ancient mysteries,
the possibilities, the angels
emblazoned in their light…


The night wind is her friend.
It curls around her hair,
scooping around her shawl,
tracing her cheek,
wrapping her in its sweet embrace,
reminding her she is loved…


The swoop of an owl’s wings.
She calls to her, awakening her,
the moonlight in her eyes,
her knowing presence.
The Wise Owl is inside you…


And then, there is
Grandmother Moon.
Her crone cream belly
laying, dreaming in the sky.
Her life is of transformation,
she takes you on the journey,
this journey of being a woman…


She is a Goddess of the Night,
finding Great Spirit in the solitude of the dark,
the shining angels of the stars,
the belly of moon,
the flight of the owl.


Uluru dawn over the dunes

The Goddess of the Night evokes for me all the night dreaming in Uluru.
The night sky there is filled with a thousand lights ~ nightly barefoot walks in the dune ~ a dingo ~ infinity.

An offering to the stars ~