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I filmed a delightful workshop for Faith Mariah’s fabulous event: Get Your Funnel Done week (June 21-June 28) all about simple copy tips for writing emails!

Funnels (when done well!) can totally transform your marketing results AND your marketing skills. They can help you target the right audience and drive consistent sales (always a bonus).

Before I tell you exactly what a funnel is, let’s have a sneak peek at some of the other workshops:

Workshop Highlights:

  • The 20 Minute Funnel: Going from Idea to Implemented with Menekse Stewart
    • Learn how to take your funnel from a mere idea to implementation in just 20 minutes.
  • Non-Boring Emails: Simple Copy Tips with Leonie Dawson – releasing June 24th
    • Discover how to craft engaging and attention-grabbing emails that captivate your audience.
  • Value Upgrade/Surprise & Delight with Sage Grayson
    • Learn strategies for adding unexpected value to your offerings, creating memorable customer experiences.
  • Easy Yes Offers That Sell in a Funnel with Dr. Destini Copp
    • Master the art of presenting compelling offers that your audience can’t resist.
  • Non-Sleazy Sales Emails with Faith Lee
    • Say goodbye to pushy sales tactics and learn how to create genuine, respectful sales emails.
  • Live Q&A Session with Faith Mariah, Cooper Gillespie, Katie Joy, and Dr. Christiane Schroeter
    • Get all of your funnel and marketing questions answered by our panel of experts!

So! What’s a funnel?

Well my loves, a funnel is a step-by-step process that lovingly guides potential customers (or even existing customers) from an awareness of who you are (or having purchased something once) to the final (or larger) purchase.

It’s called a funnel because it starts wide with a large number of people and eventually narrows down to those who end up making a purchase.

There are five stages of a funnel:

  1. Awareness – Capture the attention of new & existing customers using marketing such as social media & advertising that promotes you and your brand.
  2. Interest – Engage with your audience in order to create even more interest and curiousity around you and your biz.
  3. Decision – Help your potential new customers understand why your products & services can help them solve their problems and improve their life. Using case studies and testimonials is a fabulous way to achieve this!
  4. Action – Convert interested peeps into customers! This is where you might compelling calls-to-action, countdown timers, limited time offers and simple checkout processes.
  5. Retention – Once your customer has paid, that’s it right? Nope! You want to keep them engaged and offer them the opportunity to purchase other offers or services you offer that might benefit them. This is where membership programs, loyalty rewards, affiliate programs and amazing customer service become your best friend!

If you’re feeling fired up and ready master the funnel process and transform your business, these might be the workshops for you!

Get Your Funnel Done Week” is from June 21st – 28th (with my workshop releasing on the 24th at 6pm EST), hosted by the brilliant mindset coach and business strategist, Faith Mariah.

This is your chance to learn everything and MORE about funnels! Let’s start creating a high-converting funnels that drive sales and grows your business.

Grab a free ticket here or upgrade to a VIP ticket here!

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