Hola scumptious bear!!!!

Today’s the daaaaaaaay!

I’m so so so excited… I was up before the sun rose to be outside and give thanks…

That new big, wild, beautiful dream of mine is out in the world…

I’m so blessed + excited to announce that the Goddess Circle is OPEN!

Over $600 of my e-courses, meditations + workbooks for under $100 (that’s like… um? A 70% discount or something?).

A total toolkit of everything I’ve created to support you on every part of your journey.

I wanted to offer you everything I’ve made – EVERYTHING – so that you could get all the resources to support you right when you needed it.

A year round Goddess Circle. A sanctuary, a haven. A place to come home to yourself, to the beautiful, tender, shining soul inside you. A temple to find your goddess sisters.

A Business Goddess Circle.

A Mama Goddess Circle.

A Goddess Book Group.

A Goddess Penpal Group.

My six week Creative Goddess e-course to help you discover your creativity + infuse it with spirituality (includes SIX full length meditations + creative projects).

My six week Create your Goddess Haven e-course to help you turn your home into a Goddess sanctuary (includes how to do space clearings to clear away negative energy! Woo!)

My 21 day Radiant Goddess e-course to help you shine again in mind, body + spirit (includes nutrition plan, delicious scrummy healthy recipes, a movement plan, meditations + soulful goddess projects!)

My Releasing Fears meditation kit.

My Chakra Healing Goddess meditation kit.

My Divine Dreaming meditation kit to help you cure insomnia, get to sleep easier + have amazing dreams.

My 2010 Creating your Goddess Year workbook + planner.

At least two new e-courses over the next year.

Including a Business Goddess e-course to help you create a beautiful business for your dreams.

Any new meditations + workbooks I create over the next year.

Everything, everything, everything I have to give you… to help you, support you, inspire, heal, get intuitive, be wildly creative, glowing, radiant, shiny, joyful, wise + true.

All my smartnesses + wisdom + medicine.

It’s my way of being able to lavish love + goddess wisdom on you for a whole year.

So that you can be supported. So you can have a whole circle of sisters to support you. And a massive medicine bag of tools to use at every step of your goddess journey… with whatever comes up + whatever you need help with.

I don’t know how I could make the Goddess Circle more wonderful, generous, supportive, helpful than it is.

And it’s as super-affordable as I could make it.

My dream is that I want as many goddesses who need this stuff to be able to get it. I want whoever needs a Goddess Circle + a tribe of goddess sisters + a medicine bag of calming, inspiring, rejuvenating goddess classes + meditations to be able to find me + feel safe in knowing this is right for them. My dream is that every woman will know that they will be welcomed with wide open arms, with love. My dream is for them to be utterly supported. For them to know there is a haven just for them. My dream is for every woman to know they are a Goddess, and that they have a thousand sisters by her side.

My dream is big and wide and turquoise blue and shining.

Here is my offering, dearest heart.

With all of me.