Hi gorgeous ones,

Do you ever feel like eating whenever you feel sad, hormonal or emotional?


Here’s a ridunkulously wild, revolutionary new thought for you:

You don’t have to beat up on yourself for it.

You CAN actually eat to feel better.

Food can be our medicine.


How I Changed My Mindset

I remember the moment of the illumination.

I was beating up on myself for being an emotional eater.

And then I realised:

the problem isn’t that I want to eat.

The problem is what I eat when I feel that way.

I find that often when I feel anxious, shaky, emotional or light-headed it’s because I haven’t eaten good quality foods that day… I’ve just skipped along nibbling here and there. So my energy levels will be unbalanced

Just like tonight: I felt skittish and hormonal. At first I tried to write it off as being An Official Cranky Mood (TM), before realising: hang on, I haven’t eaten any good mood-enhancing foods today.

So I grabbed a handful of pecan nuts and a giant mug of herbal tea.

In the space of ten minutes I transformed from a sadcakes-who-wanted-to-spend-the-evening-in-bed to a bubbly yahoo happily burbling along, dancing to The Voice/Australia’s Got Talent/Glee/whatever musically themed show is going onnnn.

From 🙁 to 😀 to 10 minutes.

Thanks happy-making pecans!

(Pecans are seratonin-enhancers… just like what depression medication does! Upliftment of the seratonin = awesome!)


Nature is here to heal you

What if you are being called to eat because you are meant to be soaking up nutrients + healing love from mama earth?

What if part of what your soul is needing is some deep grounding, care of physical love that’s been born from a tree, or out of the earth?

We’d be as happy as butterflies harvesting the nectar from flowers.

I love knowing just how deeply healing + powerful food can be as medicine for our spirits and bodies.


What To Eat To Feel Better

There are SO many foods that are mood enhancers…


I’m always so amazed at the difference food medicine can make to healing + reviving my body, mind + spirit. It’s just such a mega blessing + I’m so excited to keep learning more + more, refining more + more, glowing more + more.




love + shininess + radiance!


Are you ready to experience a mind-body-spirit transformation?

Get deeper + closer to nature’s medicine of food + be healed…

Find a radiant way to live…

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