It can feel really really hard trying to make a living from your art online.

I know. I used to sell my art online too.

(Now I spend all my art hours illustrating my printed products [2016 goal workbooks + diary + to do list pad] and online programs. Kind of like licensing my own art to myself! It’s magical!)

Anyways, selling art online is both the most joyous thing – people want what you have to offer! Your artwork spreads joy to the world!

And it can be the most dispiriting thing – you forget to include the postage price and lose money, the print you thought would sell heaps only moves one or two, or none! (This happened to me! Yes it did!)

I know it, love.

Selling art online requires some specific things that you need to do, and most especially a mindset that you need to have.

Today, because I’ve been remembering what it was like when I just started out, when I whispered to myself in full-bodied commitment that I would make $30,000 from my art in the next year.

I want to talk about those things.

The things that I didn’t know.

The ones that I committed to myself that I would learn in order to make it happen.

Once I had made that decision, the one where I vowed to myself that I would make more than just a hobby’s worth of dobleros from my artwork in that year, I had to learn.

first markets

I committed to learning business + marketing.

To growing my flaccid, weak business + marketing muscles.

Because my creative + spiritual muscles were toned + strong.

But they were weak. Non-existent. Never used.


I devoured business books + made lists.

I took a HUGE deep breath + bought my first program about online marketing. And I IMPLEMENTED it. And I saw the results when I did.

I became the hippy who could do numbers + money + biz.

I sought information + I made sure that I implemented what I read.

And the biggest shift was in my education + my willingness to be changed by what I learned in my heart + soul.


I used to send these out with every artwork I sold…

I wasn’t changed by the money I earned, because what I learned was that money doesn’t turn you into someone else.

You’re still you with money.

You don’t suddenly become greedy, or soulless, or have to wear fancy shoes. (unless you were all those things before!)

You are just more you.

I was just more me.

Freer because my money let me make choices for myself and my family that I couldn’t make before.

Free to be more generous with my philanthropy.

Free to build my financial security + make the future safe for my family.

Free to choose where we live.

So the big thing I want to let you know is this: If you’re an artist, and you’re feeling hesitant + small + like marketing is icky, you don’t have to feel that way, darlingheart.

LeonieLife header


All you are doing is helping people to remember about you + what you offer.

The more you can involve people in your story, your world + your art, the better.

People want to be excited + inspired + feel part of a movement.

Marketing is just letting them know you’re here.

And that you have something to show them.

You’re not forcing them to buy from you, no-one’s holding anyone for ransom here!

You’re building a relationship with them where you can say, “Hey darls! Look what I made!” And they get to admire your art.

Sometimes they’ll be deeply called to connect with you + buy from you, and sometimes they won’t.

Both are perfect.

But no-one will be called if you don’t let them know you’re here.

And that brings us back to the Leonie of yesteryear, head down, nose in a book, scribbling + highlighting + experimenting + tweaking.

Spot the hippy. NO SERIOUSLY. SPOT HER.

I love the Leonie of back then.

She tried, learned + tried again.

I love her for that.

I love her for starting the conversation with you, for saying, “Hey look! Look what I made!”

I love her for getting stuff done, and valuing having work out there over perfection.

I love her for the quirky manifestation of Leonie in the world + for evolving + following where Spirit led.

And I love you for coming forward + making the connection.

My first exhibition

And I want her to know…

Her commitment to stepping up + learning the things that scared and intimidated her made all the difference.

And that it ended up bringing her more wealth, joy, freedom, wild creativity + deep friendships than she could ever, ever imagine.

It was just the beginning.

So, lovebug?

PLEASE tell us all about what you do + what your art is.

It’s deeply needed + wanted in this world.

Only you can do what you do.

Only you.

We need you.

Big love,

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