Hola my treasures,

Goodness me. What a huge week I’ve had!

I was nominated in and was a finalist nationwide for two awards:

  • AusMumpreneur of the Year Award
  • Making A Difference Award

What an honour, yo!

I headed to Melbourne for the Ausmumpreneur judging, conference + gala awards evening.

I’ll share in this post:

  • my illustrated notes from the conference

  • the video of my presentation

  • printable slides from my presentation

  • and the big, beautiful things I learned from business women while I was there!

First up… judging!

I flew into Melbourne Friday morning. I flew Virgin (I usually fly grab Business Class tickets but the flight from Canberra to Melbourne is ridiculously short + not worth the investment) and got picked up by Taxi Town Cabs chauffeur service. Car service doesn’t always cost that much more, and if you need to be somewhere on time, it can be super useful. They had a great app which made it easy to book service as well. (Nope – not sponsored post at all. Just sharing my travel goss.)

Stayed at Rydges on Swanston where the conference was on. I wasn’t really fussed about accommodation for this trip as I knew I wouldn’t be spending much time in my room. I was going to get cheaper accommodation elsewhere, but Mr Dawson (aka Chief Safety Officer) told me he preferred I wasn’t partying at the conference until the wee hours and then trolloping down the streets of Melbourne to find my hotel because he knows I am susceptible to having “adventures” and “getting lost” and “making friends everywhere without due course for safety”.

Which I think is a completely logical request to make. I really DO have very little regard for my personal safety, honestly. Always a bit off in fairyland, always incredibly trusting, always slightly over-optimistic. It’s a wonder I’m still here. Well.. actually… it probably helps that I’ve been with Mr D since I was 18 years old, and he has lovingly reminded me not to put knives into toasters that are on when I have been want to do so.


I wasn’t really nervous about the presentation… I was up against some incredible, incredible women with HUGE businesses. It was bloody awesome just to be a finalist with them and to get to hear their stories + presentations. So I just committed to having as much as fun as possible.

So there I was… Melbourne… Rydges. I met a Scorpio Sister who instantly became my conference bestie – Alisha from Naughty Naturopath Mum, who dosed me up on Self Love (essences) and laughter (she is fucking hilarious!)

My lovely new mate Kylie Doon recorded it on her mobile phone + lovingly let me stealz it.

So I can share it with you lot. HOORAY!

You can also check out/download/print my presentation slideshow here.

Cocktail Event = Pyjama Party!

That night was the cocktail event. I lay in bed recouping a bit, bringing all my selves + cells back together. Then I puts me on a fancyyyy dress (aka the dress I’ve worn to every wedding I’ve been to in the last 8 years.) I took the elevator down to the foyer for the party and as it got closer to the foyer I could hear it getting louder + louder. It was LOUD, man!


So I came up with a BRILLIANT plan.

I dived into the crowd, found someone I’d already met + invited her + every person around her to a pyjama party in my room.

By the time I got back to my room, there were gorgeous women already gathered out there at the door.

I immediately changed back into pyjamas, and we spent the rest of the evening ordering room service, talking, connecting, laughing, making women’s magic.


And – coolest of all – all the Canberra women at the conference landed at my hotel room doorstep after being invited along by another invitee, so I now have my very own local posse! It was pure perfection… more than I ever could have dreamed of.

I got to bed stupidly late… it took me a couple of hours to wind down from the beautiful buzz.

The Conference

The next day was the conference.


Beautiful speakers – incredible women who have built HUGE businesses.conferencenotes

As usual, I illustrated + drew all my conference notes… and I’m happy to give them to you so you can learn from all the juiciness too!

Further reading if ya like this:

  • Want more of my illustrated notes from conferences I’ve been to? Check out my Growth Summit 2015 notes (with Jim Collins, Liz Wiseman + Verne Harnish #businessboner) and get on my magical mailing list to get my next ones!
  • Further reading for introverts: The Introvert’s Guide To Doing Business! (And yes, I AM the loudest introvert you’ll probably ever meet. I LOVE people. I LOVE partying. And then I’m all “holy shit I am so overstimulated I needz bed + quiet now thank you berry much!)

Also: people are fun

And I wuv dem berry much.

11999017_967369543325570_6128689577559187658_n 11060331_967252180003973_5523261947603624310_o

The Awards Gala

That night was the fancy schmancy awards gala. I’d freaked out as soon as I found out it was formal dress. I don’t deal well with that kind of finery. I contemplated Attempting To Be Normal, but it didn’t make me squee with joy.

So instead, my darling Deb invited me over her house to go through her finest hippy wear. I ended up with a turquoise mermaid number which was SO on key. And then my darling Lile came over + dyed my hair pink, purple + blue.

Also: I’m always leaving myself about 3 nanoseconds to get ready, so I threw clothes on and ran downstairs to some new friends’ hotel room, and they put some mermaid curls in my hair. It was THE RAD.


I don’t have the pro photos yet (I’ll share them with you as soon as I can!), but I can promise you it looked the magic.

I proceeded to spend the rest of the night sharing deepest secrets, laughing hysterically, photobombing wherever possible + having a ding dang delicious time. I sat with some new found sweethearts and it was glorious.

11935030_967311453331379_4831984864241218257_n 11987144_967396289989562_1387461169627229018_n

(Attempting the four person totem pole and NAILING it. And YES, I invited the totem pole and YES, you should do it + spread it.)

I didn’t take home the gong, but I got my spangly gold finalist certificates + met the Australian Government Minister for Small Business the Hon Bruce Billson MP, who, despite being friends with Tony was rather quite lovely.

11781634_967309469998244_5309676093324797314_n 11949483_10153648772429662_462619458797791843_n

And honestly, I can tell you now… I was in AWE of the earth angels that were at work that weekend.

Listening to all the finalists’ presentations just BLEW MY FUCKING MIND. I felt utterly humbled + grateful to be amongst their genius. These are the beautiful souls behind some seriously amazing brands + companies like Whole Kids, Rashoodz, Little Pieces, TFI Dentistry, Biome Eco Stores, Bump Models + Brand Print Australia.

And the awards evening was all so utterly perfect. And I can’t even explain it to you, but I had tears + goosebumps at the deep, deep knowing that everyone was on their right missions + it was all unfolding so beautifully.

Just some of the beautiful angels you should know about:

I didn’t win… and yet I won so proudly and utterly and deeply with what I have found there…

It has been a love bath… New, magical, deep friendships… Connecting with sooooo many #2015workbook goddesses who told me their workbook miracles… It has been making friends with some incredibly incredibly inspiring business women who are earth Angels & have such profound missions here that they are living our every single day.

All of them are philanthropists, all of them are building giving into their business model, all of them are thinking soooo BIG.

I feel beyond blessed. I feel in awe at the perfect synchronicity of life.

The nomination was the lure to get me to conference… to give me exactly what my heart, soul and mission was needing.

This event… these women… have taught me to go bigger, play bigger, do more… and KNOW, truly, that anything is possible… and that it’s time.

Great Spirit, I am listening. I am at your service. 

Beyond blessed,


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