There’s totally something I should have been doing instead of recording this podcast.

Tomorrow I’m flying to Melbourne.

I’m a finalist in the People’s Choice Award for Making A Difference and the grand overall prize in the Ausmumpreneur of the Year Awards.

And I’m supposed to be making a presentation in front of the judges.

So I promptly decided to record a podcast instead.

But hey… I’ve got the night ahead of me!

Why do now when you can do late at night?

Just call me Last Minute Leonie.

I survive on the thrill and the adrenaline of it.


Anyways, in this podcast I:

  • get ranty + ravey about Facebook comments
  • talk about my freakouts trying to decide what to wear for the Gala Dinner at the Ausmumpreneur Awards
  • intro my new hairstyle (rainbow streaks, thanks to my ex-boss and Virgo dreamboat Lile)
  • I’m fairly sure I said some smart things too at some point. I can neither verify nor confirm.

Watch as a video, listen as an audio or subscribe in iTunes here.


May your day be magical + bright.

Also: please wish me luck for this weekend. Oh, and tonight. This presentation thing.

Oh and that other thing I promised Grant I’d do.

Oh and then there’s…

Shit. I gotta go.

This podcast of procrastination better be worth it.

Big love,


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