Hi lovebugs,

I recently shared the Amazing Biz and Life Manifesto + What I Pledge To You.

It’s also important for me to share my boundaries about how we work with people, what’s acceptable and what’s not.

I believe boundaries in business and life are really important to spell out.

You may also find this useful in your own business if you are struggling with spelling out your boundaries.

So here we go, loves.

A comprehensive list on the best way to contact me, what not to do on social media + what will get you fired from working with me.

  • Email is always, always, always the best way to contact me. Please don’t Facebook private message my personal profile or Facebook comment or Twitter DM if you have any questions or issues with any downloading programs. Please just send an email instead to so you can get the fastest responses possible. (My staff will respond to messages on my Facebook page, but email is always the first ones that are responded to.) It’s just way too hard to keep track of a zillion different message possibilities spread out among a zillion social media channels otherwise.
  • Please offer my support team + myself with the same respect, compassion + understanding that you would want someone to offer to you (or to your best friend or dearest loved one). I have an amazing customer service support team who treat everyone so amazingly. If you are in any way abusive, passive-aggressive or nasty, I will fire you as a client and block you on all social media channels. I do not invite negativity or abuse into my life or business. I do not work with people who throw shoes or negative energy. If you have any questions, communicate them clearly and kindly, and my amazing team will happily help.
  • I am a kind, generous and compassionate person AND I also am not a therapist/your mother/a doormat. I have a No BS policy firmly in place.
  • It’s okay if you don’t resonate with me at this time. You do not need to let me know if you don’t resonate with me, or think I should be different. I don’t need to know about it as I’m concentrating on serving the people I do resonate with.
  • Please don’t use my Facebook page as a way to promote your stuff or affiliate links. Please don’t spout negative shit/throw shoes either. That’s not okay with me. Your comment will be deleted and you will be banned.
  • Along the Facebook line – don’t tag me in photos just to promote your stuff that has nothing to do with me. That’s not good social media etiquette.
  • I don’t wish to know if you believe if I should be eating/parenting/living differently. I often don’t feel comfortable sharing photos of what I’m eating because someone usually shares an unwelcome remark about what I should be cutting out from my diet. I make my food/kid/life decisions based on the whole picture of my family and what is right and true for us. I will ask simply + very clearly if I have any questions that I’d like clarity around. I don’t need to know if you feel that soy/olive oil/coconuts/fresh air is THE DEBBBBIL AND WILL KILL YOU. Where I hang out is a judgment/critiquing-free-zone. (By all means, share about it on your own social media channels/blog. If I’m interested and searching for it myself, I’ll find it there.)
  • Two money things to be crystal clear about – first of all, please note that there are NO refunds for Academy memberships. I pour everything I can into the Academy. I wholly believe in the incredible value and transformational power of the Academy. Even if you don’t end up using the mastermind forums, you still get to keep & use over and over again over $3800+ of my pride-and-joy products. It’s amaaaazing value, and I really wholeheartedly believe & know you’d be hard pressed to find as much content, love and goodness in a very small priced program. When you invest in your self with the Academy membership, your purchase is final. If you’re wanting to be an Amazing Biz & Life Academy member, say Yes to it with your whole heart & spirit. I notice that sometimes peeps buy, and then have a partial freak-out and want to back out because they are afraid of making the transformations that will come. You need to stand behind your commitment, and do the work — that’s the only way you’ll actually see results in your life and business.
  • And the second money boundary – if you decide to invest in the Academy using our generous payment plan, please understand that you are obligated to actually paying off your payment plan. I give immediate access to the Academy with the part payment plan, and this is offered in full faith that you are committed to paying in full. I’m not down with peeps going into the Academy, downloading all my programs and cancelling their payments. That’s stealing, and it’s not the honouring kind of energy I uphold in my life and business. I commit totally to giving you as much as I can to help you. You need to honour your commitment too.
  • Don’t copy my stuff. I see way too many copycat yearly workbooks out there. You honestly need to trust that inside you are ideas that you need to bring into the world. Plus copying gets you beyond nowhere – just because it’s been successful for me, it’s something I’ve worked on, cultivated and grown for the last four years. I’ve built my huge tribe over the last nine years with dedication, love, inspiration and commitment. You can’t copy true success. You absolutely need to create your own kind of success by birthing your own original ideas – that’s the only way to have a prosperous, sustainable business that feels like it’s on soul purpose for you. Plus, copying feels icksville.
  • I pledge to turn up + make the Amazing Biz and Life Academy into the most powerful, generous, affordable business + life development program out there. It’s also important that you take responsibility for your own education and involvement there. You can lead a horse to water, but you can’t make it have a drinky-poo.
  • I will make decisions for the Academy and for my business that are right for my soul and life. They will not always resonate with every single person on the person, nor should they. I can only do what I am led to do, what is true and right for me.
  • I am not into negativity of any kind. I will not engage with it, and I will remove it from my world. My intention is to create positivity, joy, growth + empowerment every where I go and hang out. If you’re not able to rise to that level, I’m not willing to have you a part of my business, life or world.

If these don’t feel like something that’s an appropriate fit for you, I understand and wish you love.

For those who are ready to do the work, I happily welcome you into Leonie World with open arms.

Boundary-setting can feel uncomfortable. Sometimes I think “GAWD, DO I REAAAAALLLLY HAVE TO ACTUALLY SAY THIS STUFF?”

But I’ve learned that I do. And what’s more, it can be a really useful experience – it helps everyone involved feel safer.

Now you know how I roll in this world, what’s okay with me and what’s not. And you can or decide this isn’t the right thing for you at this stage of the game, or jump in with a whole-hearted YES and high fives!!!

I’m sending you all dollops and dollops of love and kindness,