My dear friend Goddess Marika… an amazing Celtic mermaid mama!

My dearest sisters,

I see the Goddess in You.

No, I really do.

It is true.

There is a Goddess in You.

Brave, beautiful, wise, divine.

Inside you there is the

wise one

the shamaness

the dreamer

the lover

the creator

the wife

the mother

the daughter

the sister

the artist

the one who knows best

the one who knows all manner of things in this world

can be healed with a cup of tea, with an hour of listening,

with those lightbeams we call love

and sisterhood.

I am so blessed to know you,

to be one of you.

I am so blessed to know your


your wisdom

your light

and all the myriad rainbow ways you change the world.

You really do.

I see the goddess in you

and she reminds me there is a goddess in me.

Big big love,