Hello my darlinghearts!

It’s time to celebrate the year that has been! I wanted to do a round-up of all the goodness and miracles that have happened here in Goddess Guidebook land in 2010.

Let’s start with jubilant January!

The birth of a new workbook!

The new year started off in jubilant fashion… the idea to create the 2010 Creating your Goddess Year workbook came to me just a couple of days before Christmas. Five days later, it was finished & sent out into the world!

It ended up being such a beautiful, fun project for me… that went amazingly popular. I ended up selling almost 1000 copies, and I adored spending January filling in my own & also seeing the pics of other goddesses using their own.

Celebration of six months pregnacious!

Dear daughter of my heart, six-months-old-in-my-womb,

We have three more moons together, where you will be living in my womb, and we are only cells apart.

On July 7th, you came into this world, thirty years to the day that your grandmama & grandpapa pledged their love to each other.

And in a thousand, myriad, rainbow ways, you have changed me, you have changed your papa, and you have changed those who love us.

You feel like sunshine and starlight and laughter and music.

You sing of intuition and mermaids and Atlantis and ancient wisdom and goodness.

You make me believe all the more in miracles, in love, and what we are each here for…

to be the very best part of ourselves. I will teach you all the beauty, love, goodness & possibility I know in this world.

And I know you will teach me too.

Because that’s our sacred contract. That’s what we come into our lives to do…

to teach each other, and love each other,

and see God in each other.

That is how it has always been, and how it will always be.

You can read the whole celebration post & see all ze photos here.

Creative Goddess Project: Pimp my Pinboard!

Me & Mr Beautiful decided to turn an old cork pinboard into a work of art.

Tutorial with photos here!

Being okay with pregnancies not being a sure thing!

A beautiful goddess asked me why I was okay with being pregnant and knowing it may not result in a baby.

I shared my answer from my heart here.

My brother passed away in an accident when I was 14. And it was the thing that I never wanted to have happen. It was the thing I prayed every night would never happen. And yet, it did. And yes, it was incredibly painful at the time, and I grieved losing him for a long, long time. I still do some days. But the thing I learned? Was that I didn’t actually lose him. You never really lose someone who is a part of your soul, your story and your love.

My brother showed me that love goes through all the doors and walls of this plane and the next. Though I can’t see him, I know he is still around, loving, guiding and helping me and my family. He has taught me so much in his passing, and he is still very much my big brother. He likes to talk, and he likes me to listen.

Death didn’t cause the end of our relationship – it keeps on growing, blooming like any other relationship. My brother is just more starry now.

Mostly, I just feel exceptionally lucky that I received my brother to love… for the 14 years I knew him physically, and the thirteen that followed.

So my brother’s passing didn’t end up being a horrible thing for me – it has become a deep and sacred blessing in my life.

What my soul needed to grow, my life gifted me.

Sacred Goddess: How to trust your intuition!

Me & Charlie decided to create a video in bed about trusting intuition.

You can watch it here.

Gosh we’ve had some fun this year, haven’t we?

And this was just January!

More to come, my beautiful hearts!!!!

big big love & celebration & adoring!!!

OK…I have been a Goddess Circle member for…what? A month now?


I am meditating almost every day. I am taking a moment morning and night to connect with my guides and angels. I am taking time for myself for the first time since my son  was born (an afternoon once a week…but WHAT A DIFFERENCE). I am giving myself a break from all the self-criticism… this is a first.

And that’s just the beginning…there is so much more shifting and blossoming. It’s amazing.

Anyway, I just wanted to let you know what a HUGE difference I feel already. Everything feels more magical.

~ Goddess Meg, USA