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Hey precious ones!

So, I get asked this question a LOT.

Especially this month during our Shining September Sale where you can get my incredible Academy of biz + life programs at the most affordable payment plan EVER!

And those questions tend to look like this:

I’m not a hippy // creative // woo woo // coach. Is the Academy the place for me? Will I learn REAL business + marketing strategies to help me grow my business practically?

Are you just going to be one of those hippy business coaches that tell me that “I know the answer already” and “Everything I need is inside of me”? Especially when I just need information on exactly what I need to do with my business?

So, let me answer what I know.

as featured on aug 2015

1. Don’t be confused – I’m not an accidental CEO. I’m a very intentional one.

I am obviously a hippy/woo/wacky personality. BUT… (and this is a big one) my knowledge is grounded in very real business + marketing chutzpah. It is what has built a lasting, fast growth company which has generated millions of dollars in revenue + a ridiculously high profit margin.

Actually… you know what… let’s work out exactly how much.

I don’t even know right now… let me go play on a spreadsheet.

Okay. Here’s the number.

This is how much money I’ve generated from my business that I’ve only ever worked part-time in:


Okay… I’m tripping balls right now.



Just having a really, really proud moment over here.


And another one.


Excuse me, I need to go boil myself some Calm The Fuck Down Tea, I’m that delighted!



That was a fun excursion!



So, if you’ve met me in real life, you’ve probably noticed the duality in me – the part where I’m a ridiculous clown dancing on tables (sober) one minute, the next when I’m sitting you down, grilling you with questions + writing a business plan and financial projections for you on the back of a napkin.

I have a fantastic team, good systems, a loyal and devoted raving customer base and amazingly high customer retention rates.

None of that is built with smudge sticks + incense + intentions + affirmations.

That stuff HELPS of course… but the real results lay in doing the business work + knowing what works.

I’ll teach you everything I know about all those things in the Academy.

answer is inside you

2. Nope. I am NOT going to tell you that “everything you need is inside you.”

Nothing shits me more, truth be told. Because while that is true in the deepest spiritual sense, on the business + marketing (+ human) journey, you gotta get somewhere by LEARNING what you don’t know.

I have been blogging for 11 years now. My business has been my family’s sole source of income for 5 years (and a big piece of our income for much longer than that.) I didn’t get there from just believing that “everything I need is inside me” and to “trust my gut.” Those are important self-confidence tips, but they simply MUST be combined with learning from business owners who have more experience/success than you. I’ve invested huge sums in upgrading my business brain power with piles of business courses, books + coaching. And I share everything I’ve implemented + found what works in the Academy.


You are going to learn VERY practical business + marketing tips + practices in the Academy including:

  • The marketing masterplan for doubling your business revenue in 12 months
  • A masterclass on creating sales pages that sell (with worksheets + checklist)
  • Creating a loyal, devoted, BUYING following on social media
  • How To Raise Rates checklist
  • How to double your mailing list class
  • How to sell your book
  • How to market your Bricks + Mortar business
  • Case studies of Bricks + Mortar and local service businesses
  • Dozens of ways to incorporate passive income streams into your business
  • Creating a sales funnel that works
  • Money Planners to help you forecast cashflow
  • How to use blogging in a SMART way to actually build a financially successful business (and not just an incredibly low paid hobbyist)
  • How to use Facebook advertising + blog advertising + SEO in a way that doesn’t make you completely batshit or broke, and actually – you know – gets you RESULTS for your business.
  • Case studies on exactly how I’ve grown my mailing list to 65 000 (including how-to’s on creating teleseminars, squeeze pages and opt-in offers).
  • How to use A/B split testing in your business to supercharge your business growth.
  • Practical advice + worksheets on hiring + keeping the staff you need
  • and much, much, much, much more!

As this new Academy member writes – we do NOT skimp on content.


I have heard from other 6 and 7 figure business associates that the content I give in just ONE of my Academy programs is the same content they provide in their high level, year-long coaching programs which costs tens of thousands. They always egg me on to raise my prices, but I won’t.

I’m happy to overdeliver + give as much support + training as I can to women who want to step up and take their businesses + lives to the next level.

And of course… you can’t just buy + then not doing anything with it.

The work doesn’t work unless you do.

2015-09-10_2036 2015-09-10_1704 2015-09-09_1928

There’s a surprising number of amazing non-woo business women in the Academy. And guess what? They are getting REAL, big, beautiful results in their businesses too!

It’s beautiful + inspiring + nurturing as a community.

And yep, there will totes be talking unicorns + crystals.

But there will also be a lot of talk about all the practical stuff as well.

In the forums, on any given day, you’ll see questions and posts about lead-in offers, parenting, tech, life, software, intuition, sales pages, mindset + finances. It’s a beautiful blend.

You can dip into wherever you need.


My team and I do regular Ask Me Anything posts to answer your questions about:

  • business
  • social media
  • customer service
  • tech + software
  • marketing
  • life + soul
  • creativity + songwriting.

Anyways, instead of me just telling you that it’s not just a hippy art wankfest (much as I love them too) but about real business savvy + smarts + good, actionable tips…

listen to these amazing business women!



dawnbreslin danielle permanent


You can read even more of our Success Stories here.

And most of all, I just love seeing the real results our members get from implementing the Academy teachings:


And it’s just the beginning.

We have so much planned to delight + support our members including:

  • Grant my Chief Operations Officer is starting to produce more tech how-to courses for the Academy as well, including his new Build A Website in WordPress course. If you need tech support to implement the business + marketing tips, we’ve got you covered.
  • The first LIVE + FREE Shining Mastermind – on 24 September – EXCLUSIVELY for Academy members – in Denver, Colorado!
  • More courses. Monthly group coaching. More live events. It’s all in the works.

We want to see you thrive

I dearly want to see you living your biggest dream + receiving massive abundance. 

I know you have BIG gifts to share… gifts that people dearly need.

And I know you’ll be an incredible custodian of money as well.

I know you’ll use it to look after yourself, your family, your community + the world.

And that… THAT right there… that’s why this whole thing is world-changing.

When spirited women step UP and make their dreams come true… that’s EXACTLY what will heal. EXACTLY what is needed for this earth + all beings on it.

The Academy is my way of supporting you to do just that.

Go big with your message. Create a brilliant, abundant business (without losing your sanity or your whole life). Help all the souls you are meant to help.

And do it using the sacred vessel of practical business + marketing know-how.

I can teach you EXACTLY what I’ve done to create a massive amount of abundance, lifestyle freedom for me + my family + philanthropy for the world as well. It’s a WIN-WIN-WIN situation, and I am delighted to teach you what works + how I’ve done it.

Join us, love. You don’t have to do this on your own.

The Academy is here to help you SHINE your biggest + brightest light on the world.

Big BIG love,

P.S. 20 days left, my love.

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I WANT you to get the information, training + connections you need to succeed + thrive in your business + life.

I offer it all as a panoply of goodness at the most affordable price around.

All you need to do… is DECIDE.

I can’t decide for you.

This is ALL about you.

Is this your time?

Are you ready to make the next big leap?

Are you committed to learning what it takes to succeed + implementing it?

Do you want to step up, learn exactly what I’ve done to make my business thrive + create the same kind of results in your business?

Become a member today.