Pooky bears,

In December last year, I decided to try a fun 30 day experiment of blogging everyday. It ended up being a wild joy and a miracle. I LOVED the ritual of writing each day, and along the way over 1300 of you joined in with the fun by signing up for the daily-ish emails. It totally reinvigorated my creativity, and I loved the connection I’ve shared with you all. It’s felt like writing to penpals!

After the month-long commitment, I decided to keep on going with blogging on weekdays – sometimes more, sometimes a little less. And it’s kept feeling like a joy and the perfect thing to do for the last 10 months.

And then it began feeling like it wasn’t as helpful anymore.

Here’s why:

  • My creative cycle naturally has very quiet times, when I am either fallow, or incubating, or dreaming. I want to honour those times, and not feel guilty that I should be producing and creating everyday.
  • There are other bigger creative projects I want to spend time on. Having the creative commitment to blog everyday can prevent me from fully diving into those other creations.
  • I have a feeling that something new wants to be born through me. But I won’t know what it is yet. – and feel like I need to make room for it.

So with that in mind, I’m revising my commitment on my “Daily-ish” emails.

Instead I’m calling it my “Everything” email list: you’ll get emails every time I blog. Sometimes that will be daily, sometimes it will be every few days, sometimes it will be weekly. I’ll share when I’m amped up & filled with energy… and quieter when I’m in my creative cave. Honouring those important natural rhythms.

I’m so thrilled to continue creating, sharing and connecting with you… just in a more relaxed, spacious, free way.

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you. I’m so grateful.

Big love!