Pooky bears,

As you know, at the start of this year I began to do 21 day challenges of new habits & experiments I wanted to try out. It’s been life-changing & one of the best projects I’ve ever done.

Here’s the overview list of all the challenges I’ve already done this year:

  1. 21 days without social media (now permanent!)
  2. 21 days of a deeper digital declutter
  3. 21 days of blogging
  4. 21 days of meditating
  5. 21 days of raising readers
  6. 21 days of no spending

Today I’m starting with a new 21 day challenge… 21 days of decluttering & organising. HOORAY!

We’ve moved a LOT in the last decade or so. This is our 8th house since 2010 (woops!) and they’ve spanned the height of Australia from Cairns to Tasmania. The houses have been hugely different sizes – from a one bedroom cottage to a seven bedroom mansion. We’ve bought a lot of furniture and STUFF for the different houses, and now we’re settled in this home and have been for two years, it’s definitely time to sort through and organise our stuff for THIS space.

We’ve already donated a lot of furniture to charity, but it’s time to do a deeper clean, declutter & organise of all the cupboards.

To keep me from being overwhelmed, my only goal each day is to do a little bit. Even just 5 minutes is great!

Checklist of areas for me to Declutter & Organise


  1. Kitchen drawers
  2. Medicine cabinet
  3. Lunchbox drawer & drawers above
  4. Misc kitchen cabinet
  5. Pot cupboard
  6. Cupboard under oven
  7. Top cupboards
  8. Pantry

Rest of house

  1. Spare bedroom cupboard 
  2. Mermaid Daughter #2’s room
  3. Mermaid Daughter #2’s cupboard
  4. Mermaid Daughter #1’s room
  5. Chris’ office
  6. Chris’ archive
  7. Girl’s bathroom cabinet
  8. Ensuite bathroom cabinet
  9. Hallway bookcase
  10. Hallway console
  11. Games cupboard
  12. Art cupboard
  13. Linen cupboard
  14. My art archive
  15. Shed

Resources to keep me motivated & inspired

Plus of course, I just finished reading & taking notes on:

First decluttering mission complete!

I’ve been wanting to do the kitchen drawers for a while because they annoy the shit out of me.

It also felt overwhelming so I thought I’d start just with 5 minutes of removing extra items we don’t use to donate to charity. And of course once I started, I wanted to finish. It took me about 50 minutes to remove everything out of the four drawers, clean them out and reorganise them.

I kept 3 bags beside me:

  • rubbish
  • charity
  • recycling.

I used a couple of plastic trays & a bamboo cutlery tray from Big W to organise.

I also moved all the wooden spoons & spatulas out of the drawers and into a large utensil cup near the stove. This is something that Martha recommended in her book, and so far I reckon it’s a tops idea!

Once it was done, I gave a tour of the new organisation to both my kids & my husband. They are the ones who put away dishes all the time, so I’m relying on them to put things back where they go.

Righto, I’m feeling motivated & inspired!

I’ll keep a log here.

Thanks for sharing in this journey with me!