Another week has begun and naturally I have another fabulous podcast interview to share! How scrummy!

Lisa Borin Miller from the Intentional Creator Podcast invited me on to have a chat about… well… everything!

The lovely Lisa explains:

In this conversation Leonie and I discuss how she makes over 1 million dollars a year, working part-time, creating what she likes and having tons of fun along the way.

Listen in to hear Leonie cover:

  • Why she left social media and why it was a waste of time for her business
  • How to step into your creative dream business and work a day job
  • How to turn your client lifecycle into decades
  • Why you were born to enjoy yourself
  • How to use your intellectual property to start creating streams of income
  • Why it’s essential to leave yourself time to play.

Click HERE to listen, or if you prefer click HERE to watch!

Love always,