Hola gorgeous Goddesses!

I am so deeply excited and honoured and over-the-moon to introduce you to…


After searching all weekend for her, having faith and searching every pound and RSPCA for her – we found her through serendipity. As it happens. Chris told me over the phone he was looking at the classifieds for dogs. I jumped on there so we could talk our way over the classifieds together.

But then we realised we were talking about different classifieds – he was looking through his work’s classifieds. I had assumed he was talking about AllClassifieds. And in there, by soulful accident, I found a Maltese X Shitzu (is it a Mitzu? Or a Shittese?) needing to be rehomed to a loving new home. I called, and she was still available. And she lived on our drive home, in a set of houses Chris & I had always wondered about.

We walked in, and this sweet little white gold puppeh was waiting for us.

Two little fairy girls were playing with her. “Annnngellll” they called to her. “Annnnngellllllllllll!”

“What’s her name?” I asked their Mama.

“It’s Angel.”

Chris & I exchanged glances. We were done for.

We left that house with a puppeh under our arms. And we also left with our angel, and the fourth member of our heart family.

She is a little bit of timid and a whole lot of sweet, with the most beautiful eyes in the world.
As we speak, Charlie and his little sister are running around the house together.

Any advice for helping new dog siblings settle in together? I’d love to hear them. They are doing really well… but anything I can do to help them feel happier, safer and more filled with love will be tremendous.

*happy sigh*

So… dearest Goddesses…
Thank you so much for sharing this journey with us, and with my family of four…
our little dream of love has come true.

Big love,

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