It’s coming my loves!

Here’s the sneak peek of the cover!

Hoping to release THIS WEEK the

2012 edition of the

amazingly popular Creating my Goddess Year workbook + calendar.

I think I’ve sold over 5000 of these in the last two years.

And as always, it’s a joy to work on it.

I’ve been adding even more pages & updating the calendar & finishing the cover.

(And as a reminder – if you sign up to be a Goddess Circle member, you’ll get it free with your membership the moment it is released… along with all the rest of my products.)

And it’s amazing that I get to do this as I’m in the process of creating my own dream studio (aka the Creative Caravan). It totally reminds me that dreams CAN come true.

Every year, I write in my workbook all the dreams in my heart, all the goals & wishes that dance in my spirit. And then, as if by magic, the year unfolds, bringing with it so many blessings, opportunities and lessons. I can scarcely believe the little turquoise dream that is sitting just outside my window right now… and the gentle, graceful life that has unfolded for me here. And it’s even sweeter because of all the times when it hasn’t been as sweet, gentle or graceful. I’ve always had faith that things will work out. I fasten my sails to those winds of faith, and believe wholeheartedly we will land where we need to be. And as if by magic, they do.

So excited to be birthing this miracle into the world again. May it touch all your lives even more deeply than ever before. May you always know that divine providence is just around the corner.

The Grief Journey

I’m writing today with an extra prayer in my heart. Yesterday, three boys here in tropical paradise died in a car accident the day after their graduation. We went to the ocean this morning to send blessings and prayers into the sea, for them, for their mamas & their papas, their family & this community.

I’ve lost my way so many times before, through Post Natal Depression & losing my brother. I’ve lost my footing and my faith, and I’ve learned over & over again that the worst thing in the world could be the best, even when it has torn your heart open.

I know that we live in this world both divine & human. We can know in our spirits that all is well, that all is in divine order, that souls choose when to leave the planet, that our relationship with them doesn’t have to change even when they die. And yet we are human too, and when we lose someone we love, we must walk a grief journey. And it takes time to walk it. You breathe, give thanks, hurt, walk forward, sit by the side of the road, want to go back, find a miracle, walk some more. It takes time, these grief journeys.

I think it took a year to find my head again after I lost my brother. Five to not hurt when I thought of him dead. Ten to be really okay about it.

So you find grace & solace & healing where you can.

There were a lot of extra people on the beach today. It’s a special beach – one where people go to sit and heal. And I felt my grief well open, and had tears in my eyes as I thought of those boys, of my brother, of my uncle, of all the ones who’ve already died.

I knew it was a week of souls leaving the planet. They come and leave in great waves. And I had a feeling that something would happen here in this beautiful community. I saw one of the boys who died just a day or two before – I didn’t know his name, I just saw him around town, ya know? And I looked at him and wanted so much for him: for him to be happy. For him to find what he was looking for.

And so we sit by the sea, and pray for it to be so.

I have wishes today of being an earth angel, of painting my world rainbow to help heal all those who see it, of helping those who are lost that life can be good. It can be grand & it can be glorious.

I want to birth as much beauty into the world as I possibly can. I’ve been through nights so dark that even stars did not shine. And now I can see the light, so bright and sparkling and shining and true… and I want to send messages of hope & photographs of light & art made of joy back in time, back through the tunnel of dark… to find the ones that need it most.

It’s my biggest prayer.

I have no idea what to say, no idea what words I can pour out that could possibly help and heal.

Just that right now, my love has his birthday telescope in the yard, peering into every star he can find. And that right there is such a perfect analogy. And now I’m off to stand by his side, and peer too.

You are loved, we are all loved, my heart is full,