Hello my darlinghearts,

Here in Australia, we don’t have a Thanksgiving holiday. But holy dinger do I love the sound of it!

Especially since being grateful about every ding dang thing is a major component of my shining-beam-happy-tude.

So in honour of Let’s Be Ding Dang Grateful Day, I thought we’d pull out this little purple downloadable printable gratitude journal.

For you to pull together and use between Thanksgiving and Christmas… to remind you of all the amazing, lush, gorgeous things that are loving you up right now.



Download your own printable Pocket Goddess Gratitude Diary (PDF)


How to use:


Download & print the three pages.

Cut along the dotted lines and staple together.

Wa-la. A 21 day gratitude diary.

Pop it in your pocket, your purse or your pillow.

Colour it in. Give it to friends.

Let’s write tiny love letters to the universe to thank it for its gabazillion miracles.


What I’m grateful for right now


I’m grateful for my new caravan studio. It’s been the most immense gift and creative challenge. Even when I feel overwhelmed by it, I just get these remarkable signs that it’s meant to be. I just need to keep having faith & walking forward with it!

My assistant Marissa. I just don’t know what I’d do without her. We had the best video chat this morning to talk about Very Important Business Decisions (and birdbaths and caravans). I’m so blessed that I get to have this kind of support in my business.

And this is hilarious: I’m SO wildly grateful & heart-soaked for new British comedy series obsessions… I just fell in love with Gavin & Stacey. And proceeded to watch three seasons over five days AND read every bit of fan fiction I could find on it too. I just love falling in love with things!

I’m grateful that my life is softer & gentler & more kind now than it has been for a long time. Yay, welcome back, my beautiful life!

And I’m really in awe & grateful for how synchronicity is dancing in my life right now. I just keep meeting the exact right people at the right time, being given treasures & signs… and it’s all just utterly amaaaazeballs! Heyooo!




What next:


Get printing dearest.

And do share it along.

Let’s set this world alight with our love.


I love you,



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