Hola my dearests!

A quick reminder that there is a gorgeous goddess bookgroup in the Goddess Circle doing The Artist’s Way book together starting tomorrow January 4.

If you haven’t done the Artist’s Way book before, I can so highly recommend it!!! I’ve done it three times before. It’s SUCH an incredible book… so healing for the creative soul! It really gets you healing old creative stucknesses, finding new creative habits & making you dream big & wild. Which, of course, we totally need.

In the past, when I was circle-less, I did the book on my own & with my dear friend Goddess Sone. I shared about my journey with it here, here & here.

Here’s a journal page I did inspired by The Artist’s Way:

And I’m super super excited that I’ve now got a tribe of goddesses to do the book along with… all the support and inspiration to help buffet my soul’s sails along!

All you need to do to be a part is sign up to be a Goddess Circle member (& of course you’ll get all my meditations, e-courses & workbooks AND a goddess tribe for a whole YEAR as well! YAY!)

Circle starts tomorrow, so if you’re wanting to be a part, dive into ze ocean now, sweet mermaid!

Let’s get our morning pages on!!