Absolutely THRILLED to share another yummy interview with you all today!

I had the best chat with Gayle, the creator of the website and podcast “Life Not Likes” about living life & doing biz all without social media. And! Gayle planted a tree for me, which is one the sweetest gifts of appreciation I’ve ever received!

The gorgeous Gayle describes this ep best:

  • Discover the impact that quitting social media has had on Leonie’s business, personal life and wellbeing.
  • We chat about why having regular breaks form social media is beneficial to our emotional wellbeing and business
  • Get the lowdown on the super powerful two page marketing plan
  • Find out the most important marketing activity you need to be doing if you want to 40x your income
  • Leonie shared how she is marketing her own business with huge success
  • And, how to create better boundaries for yourself if you don’t want to quit social media cold turkey
  •  Discover what is actually more important than any marketing strategy

Click HERE to listen, or you can find the episode anywhere you listen to podcasts!

Love always,