Yay! Welcome back to my monthly tradition where I review my life & business & share behind-the-scenes numbers as well.

I’ll cover:

  • life blessings & challenges
  • what I’ve created in my business
  • how much revenue generated
  • my goals for next month.

You can read previous monthly reviews here:



A quick recap

I didn’t do goals in July, and I’m not doing them in August either… I need a break from that part of my brain.

I’m also starting to feel a bit unmotivated and uninspired about doing these monthly reviews. I know loads of peeps find them useful, but I’ve been doing them for almost 18 months and consistency can kill my groove sometimes. I might start doing them every 2 months instead and see if that reinvigorates my juice!

What I got up to in life!

  • I got some personal news in July that I’m still sitting with. I’ll share more deeply about it once I’ve healed a bit more from the shock of it all. (Just to reassure you: I’m ok, my love is ok, my kidliwinks are ok.)
  • We started July with 2 weeks of school holidays. Holy smokes, I love school holidays. Hanging out at home together, having quiet and gentle days is my jam. Also playing increasingly feisty rounds of Catan with my kids.
  • Obviously, we also did a lot of craft projects together too.
  • Chris’ aunt and uncle came for a visit HOORAY. They are always a joy to see.
  • Our old acreage home went under contract (again) to sell after the last contract fell over. So looking forward to having it officially sold and no longer ours to manage.
  • We’ve been a revolving roundabout of sickness – my husband caught Covid for the first time and was pretty knocked out with it. And we’ve all had colds/seasonal sniffles as well.
  • We got new pendant lights installed over our kitchen counter. IN LURVE.
  • My kids’ school closed down their high school program unexpectedly, so we’ve been on the chase to find a replacement high school for next year for my biggest kid.
  • Took my littlest kid to an adventure playground with her friends and nearly died laughing at the spectacle of her and her mates on the bouncy dodgem cars. Meanwhile, my big kid was being a mall rat with her friends. They are 10/10 cute.
  • We bought Cards Against Humanity (Family edition) and played with the kids. My love was crying with laughter. Gosh it was so bloody fun!
  • I got psychiatrically diagnosed with ADHD.
  • I also discovered that my style statement is ALL THE RAINBOW. This jumper and these leggings are now my wardrobe staples.

Best Books

I went hammer and tong on the books this month… it was a STELLAR reading month. Here are my 5 star favourites.


What I did on the biz front!

Had more of a chill business month after back-to-back launches every month of 2022 so far.

Instead I:

  • Didn’t work while kids were on school holidays. They are just a joy to be around and my family are my favourite priority. They are one of the biggest reasons I built my business… so I can soak up as much time with them as possible. They are rad and I like them loads.
  • Ran a scholarship round for BIPOC, LGBTQIA+ and people with disabilities… gave hundreds of gorgeous humans free access to my courses.
  • Met up with Viv Guy for tea and cake!
  • Made a few cute things (see below blog posts).
  • Clearly read a shit tonne of books. Ha!

Blog posts I published


Current list of software I use to run my business:

  • Kajabi for most things in my business:
    • selling through their shopping cart
    • teaching my courses through their learning management system
    • running my affiliate program
  • ActiveCampaign to send all our marketing emails.
  • OptinMonster to create all the pop-ups, reminder windows & lead magnet forms on my website.
  • Calendly to screen interviewers and book in interviews.
  • Xero is my accounting & financial management system.
  • I host my WordPress websites on WPEngine.

More tools of the trade here if you find that kind of thing useful!

How much money I made

Total income: $33,101

Where that income came from:

Here’s how the e-course sales were split:


Due to popular request, I’m going to include expenses for the business as well to give you an even more transparent look at profitability.

  • Contractors: $5,480
    This is for 1 part time Customer Service Virtual Assistant and 1 part time Online Business Manager. This is probably on the higher side for pricing, but I don’t mind paying more for people who I trust and have a long term working relationship with. I want them to feel appreciated, and I want them to be able to live good lives.
  • Affiliates: $7,200 (these are paid out a month later – so it will be higher after a high sale month)
  • Paypal & account fees: $448
  • Accounting: $240
  • Software subscriptions for everything we use to run our business online (see full list further below): $2551
  • Website hosting: $98
  • Courses & books (for me & my staff to learn from, we are continuously learning): $3,000
  • Minimum purchase order to qualify for my passive income business income: $150

Total expenses this month: $19,167

Profit levels!

Total profit: $13,934 (before tax)

A super quiet month for me, but totally worth it. I didn’t work for most of it, I gave my courses away to hundreds of rad peeps and I made shit tonnes of craft projects with my kidliwinks. I’ve already made enough money for right now – I don’t need every month to be a push to soar to new profit levels. This is more than enough for me.

Goals for next month

I’m also not going to set goals for August. I’m just going to trust myself and follow my flow! HOORAY!

It’s a joy to be here!

Thank you for sharing this journey with me.