Are you ready to feast your eyes and ears on another delicious interview?

I had the most wonderful conversation with Debbie from the Light Up Your Worth podcast, all about being true to yourself. Debbie is a Spiritual Transformational Coach and Light Up Your Worth podcast host. She offers recorded energetic healing meditations to clear out the limiting subconscious beliefs, and self-sabotage patterns, & release negative habits, interrupt & healing generational trauma, and lovingly guide you through the process of transition.

Everything we talked about:

Throughout life we always question, the BIG why. Why am I pursuing this career, why am I doing these things instead of following what others are doing?

In this Light Up Your Worth episode host Debbie McAllister, and entrepreneur, Leonie Dawson dive into the importance of self-care and staying true to yourself.

Everyone wants to compare themselves to other people and the things they are doing but really who cares! Stop comparing yourself to others and be a freaking Zebra!

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