My loves!

By now you will have heard about the hottest party around… 🎄

That’s riiiiight it’s the incredible Lizzy Goddard and her Christmas Party!

Lizzy’s Christmas Party® is back for its fourth year, taking place from Thursday 7th – 14th December 2023!

With over 285 amazing contributors, you can access a generous variety of digital products covering all sorts of interesting topics. It’s the online business community event of the season 🎄

Keep reading to unwrap your present 🎁


🥰 Generous – There are over 285 contributions across the two goody bags that are usually sold for anything from $1-$500.

💕 Collaborative – Over 285 business owners have joined Lizzy’s vision for the fourth year in a row, and this fun event showcases the joy and excitement collaboration can bring.

🥳 Community-Focused – Lizzy loves showcasing the trainings, courses, workshops, and other products her students are putting into the world, and this event is designed to highlight some of the passionate people doing exciting things while providing value to the wider online business community.

🤩 Value-Packed – The total value of the courses, offers, and digital products in the Goody Bags is over $43,700 if you were to buy them all individually. But it’s not just that – how much time, effort, and energy could you save just by learning one new thing for 2024?

💸 Affordable – You can join the Regular Goody Bag for free, or you can access the Premium Goody Bag for just $100.

😁 Flexible – Browse through the Goody Bags to explore the things you want or need for your business, and sign up for the things that will help you meet your goals.

👀 Interest-Led – Explore contributions from experts in all kinds of interesting niches, from language learners to family travel to calligraphy to online business owners

Here’s what you need to know:

🥳 Over 285 business owners generously sharing their expertise to help you meet your 2024 goals

💸 A total value of $43,700+ across both Goody Bags, all real products that are normally for sale in people’s businesses

🎁 A Regular Goody Bag with 280+ products you can access for free, normally priced $1-$100 (total value: $11,800+)

🎁 A Premium Goody Bag you can access for $100, giving you access to 145+ products normally priced $101-$500 (total value: $31,900+)

🎁 Deep-dive courses, actionable workshops, gorgeous printables, & time-saving templates for both business owners and non-business owners alike

I’m so bloomin’ excited to be contributing my very popular eCourse Work Less, Earn More to the regular goody bag and Money, Manifesting & Multiple Streams of Income to the premium good bag!

You can grab one, or both of the Goody Bags here!

But be fast, they’ll be disappearing in 4 days time! She can’t convince us to give away our best products like this indefinitely, HOHOHO!

Happy holidays!

P.S. This blog post contains affiliate links! That means I get a commission if you purchase anything through it (at no extra cost to you)!