just had a lovely saturday

awoke to gleeful doggy licking my face,

then out in the beautiful sunshiney day:

voting in the state elections (labor set to win)

went to the library

found some three beautiful tops on sale (weeee!)

then this afternoon was Deb‘s birthday open house…

it was really lovely, her house is so so so beautiful…

she has an amazing rainbow mural on a wall,

and her home is just filled with crystals and buddha statues and beautiful things…

oh just oh so beautiful, i cannot begin to speak of the beautiful paintings and special things she fills her life with… *sigh!* I feel so delighted that my goddess painting is joining such a gorgeous household.

You can see the beautiful rainbow mural behind Lile, Deb and me…

and i met so many of her friends,

and they were all just beautiful, vibrant, talented women ~

so many were artists and healers and crafters….

such a yummy crowd!

and her two sons ~ 16 and 14 yo ~ were such loveable succulent young men!

just gorgeous!

i fell immediately in love with her beautiful dogs too ~

two gentle golden retrievers who padded softly about,

and had the most gorgeous, soft, lush fur…

fur you could just drown in, roll in, and fall asleep beside…

All in all, such a lush afternoon… Deb Deb Deb.

Let me count the ways I love you.

You, Princess of Hugs, Goddess Gaya, has so much inner beauty

that you attract and are surrounded with such outside beauty ~

your home, your boys, your dogs, your beautiful things, your friends…

I felt enriched just in those few hours eating fruit kebabs in your world!

Happy 40th love ~ so much good shtuff is coming your way!

then i drove my Lile home and we got lost and were giggling away

and i got home about 7

and me and Chris got yummy Subway and spent time together,

and now I am here!

a lovely day!