Deb’s tarts with hearts.

What sort of world is this
When we can’t embrace the day of romance
Too many times I heard today
“oh, I don’t believe in valentine’s day”
“it’s just a commercial Hallmark holiday”
You know what I think?
That’s bullshit.
What sort of world is this that we can’t embrace a celebrated day of love, sweetness and affection
I didn’t realise that it cost money to be creative
To show the one you love, that you love them.
Flowers… it doesn’t matter if they are a thousand roses wrapped in gold Armani scented silk
Or a wildflower that grew in the garden overnight in the place where the unseen played.
Chocolates. Whether they are Swiss, or they are Cadbury’s family block.
A card.
Which is what I got.
One that was handmade, with vibrant love hearts and flowers
“I want to spend the rest of my life loving you.
Getting to know your soul, your spirit,
exactly what your favourite shade of blue you adore.”
And I could write that to him,
and I can write that as a love letter to myself.
Valentine’s Day is all about love
Love for others, for this mysterious lovely world which is unfolding to us,
and most importantly…
love for ourselves.
I love the way your hair shines in the sun,
and the way you adore your family so much.
I really admire how you’ve gone dream chasing and catching
with only a butterfly net and a gigglesnort in hand.
You are everything I’ve wanted to become.
I adore the peace that you have painted into your own soul,
even when you felt messy and unkept and sticky.
You are an artist of life.
And with that, I give you wings.
Wings you’ve had all along.
Deepest of love,

PS ~ thank you.