a Lithuanian serpent goddess sculpture in the park, today.

“The breezes at dawn have secrets to tell you.
Don’t go back to sleep.”

~ Jalaluddin Rumi

beautiful nights and days.
a package from my dear friend shan yesterday.
a wonderful night with the women’s circle last night.
i take with me a rock from shan.
it is a night filled with love and warmth and giggles and joyful sharings.
a night soaked with love
lessons learnt
lessons learning
i am honoured by the presence of these women in my life.
will share photos when i get them from one of the women 🙂

today, at lunch,
feeling fudgy,
me and lile took to the park
and the park took to us.

lile, me. tree hugging, today.

a park with a statue of a goddess serpent that we find as we are walking back
in the meantime
we lay in the grass
eat peanut butter and honey sandwiches
lettuce and cheese sandwiches
lile that we follow the advice of the goddess oracle card she picks:
to R E L E A S E
from a situation
so we have a small release ceremony there
lying in the grass,
face to the bright sky
i speak her through a ritual of release
picturing what it was that was holding her
spreading it with white light
seeing the blue cords of discontent
and cutting those cords

then i closed my eyes
and we just lay there in the grass
me soaking up the delight of already releasing
and gathering into my arms again those things that are sacred
letting go and letting love heal
lying there,
with the glorious sun
beating down
the smell of grass

through closed eyes, i see a shadow of lile stand up from her meditating body
and walk away.
the crunch of footsteps as it walks into the trees.
it is a former self of her that she had bid goodbye too
without ill feeling
it recognised it was no longer needed
and it disappeared into the trees, to rejoin the leaves

we awake
the sun bright
big smiles on our faces
lile is lighter
i am lighter
we have both been moved.

to magical lunch hours in the grass,
i am grateful.

letting go and letting love heal.