Possum blossoms,

Join me for behind-the-scenes look at my finances! We got super in-depth during this live event. I go over some super good questions from attendees, and of course, my right-hand goblin Zita joins in for a beat as well. ENJOY!

Get ready to take notes, loves! I’m sharing it all!

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Here is the breakdown:

Workshop: Behind the Scenes of a Multi-Millionaire’s Finances [0:00]

  • Behind the Scenes of a Multi-Millionaire’s Finances
  • Financial Literacy and Empowerment

Lifestyle and Prioritizing Family [9:27]

Diversifying Income Streams [13:06]

My Investment Portfolio and Ethical Funds [16:40]

Understanding Managed Funds [20:09]

Retirement Goals and Financial Planning [24:12]

  • Retirement Goals and Philanthropy

Childhood Challenges [27:33]

Financial Planning and Wealth Management [29:40]

  • Income Streams and Investments

Philanthropy and Donations [34:38]

Financial Goals and Offerings [38:36]

  • Business Structures and Money Management

Academy Membership Benefits and Support [42:42]


Love always,