Hi lovebug!


My lovely + adorable accountants have taught me many things. Including the fact that I need to do a stocktake sale soon. I have in turn taught them many things, including what a #businessboner is. MWAHAHAHAHAHA!

Anywaysies, I do listen to what they say… so……..


We’re having our very very very first ever 7 day sale on workbooks!
And it is HUGE!!!!!

Put a face to your business with a branding story photo session I Tracy Lee Photography I Leonie Dawson

That’s right kittens!

2016 diary-planners are a whopping 80% OFF!!!
They’ve been reduced from $24.95 to just $5!!!!!!!

(Head here to snaffle one up
+ use the coupon code diarydeal )

Put a face to your business with a branding story photo session I Tracy Lee Photography I Leonie Dawson

and 2016 workbooks are a plentiful 30% off!

They are usually $21.95 but for the
next 7 days will be just $15.30!


(Head here to jump on yours + use the coupon code workbooksupersaver to get this discount!)



Q: Can I buy BOTH diary + workbooks at the discount?

A: Absoloodely! You’ll just need to apply both coupon codes to your cart!

Q: Can I buy more than one?

A: Heck yeah! You go to town, girl! Buy some for your darling friends + have a Shining Year partay together for the rest of the year! Buy them for your clients! Buy them to keep your existing workbooks company during the day like companion pets! Ha!! SO MANY FRIEND OPTIONS!

Q: Will it last the whole 7 days?

A: Probably not – it’s only until stocks last. We’ve got fuck all left honestly – about 100 workbooks left in Australia & the United Kingdom. Get in quick to grab yours.

Q: Why so cheap on the diary-planners? Were they a dud?

A: The diary-planners just ended up being just as popular as the workbooks this year. I’ve been delighted at the peeps who are newfound devotees of the diary-planners… all of them tell me all their weekly and monthly financial goals have come true since using them!

I made a mistake when ordering however and ordered 5000 more than our workbook stock!!!!! Ha! Totes a dumb idea on a brand new product range, but I was super jizzy excited. My hilarious error – your gain! $5! BARGAIN!

Q: Is it too late to do planning though?

A: Seriously? You’re still asking me this?

For the billionty-th time, it’s only too late if you don’t do it at all.
We have people buying the workbooks right up until September/October/November each year + saying they are STILL hugely worth it.

I myself have actually only just started on my 2016 Biz goals workbook… the start of my year is absolutely bonkerdoodles and is our busiest time of the year… I need to wait until it’s quiet season for me to even catch my breath and start planning for the year ahead.

Q: Will the coupon codes apply to bundles?

A: Yep! Go to town, girly!

Q: Yeah but how do I order again?

A: 1. Go to
2. Add everything you want to your shopping cart
3. Add diarydeal as a code and click “APPLY CODE” (for diaries)
Add workbooksupersaver as a code and click “APPLY CODE” (for workbooks)

4. Review your savings and feel ridiculously smug + glowing!


You did it!

Get onto it possums…

I’m only doing this nutso sale for 7 days…

or while stocks last!!!

(The workbook stocks worldwide are pretty skimpy!)

Snaffle your ridiculous deals up now before they are goneskis!

And have a ding darn MAGICAL DAY!!!

Big love,


Put a face to your business with a branding story photo session I Tracy Lee Photography I Leonie Dawson

Just $5 to ensure your
weekly, monthly + yearly financial goals
actually come true this year…

that’s a pretty damn good return on investment!

Use the coupon code of diarydeal
to snaffle your brilliant, business + life-changing bargain!