Hola dearest ones,

It’s late Thursday afternoon. Almost twilight. The salt lamp is glowing in the corner. The sky outside my window is tinged with orange. The leaves are turning crimson. Autumn. What a beauty. It’s been a long Indian summer with a whole lot of sun, and I’m ready to move into the cave of winter.

So, something to share with you today.

I’ve struggled with how to share this, when to share it, what to say.

Two weeks ago, I had to make the very difficult decision to end my contract with one of my staff members. Normally I wouldn’t need to share this publicly, but in this case, that staff member was public-facing. I didn’t want you to have to wonder where they disappeared to, and why I hadn’t shared with you about it.

Grant worked for me as a year as a COO and then General Manager and also taught a couple of courses in my Academy. I was very proud of all we were able to achieve over the last year. I truly wish him well and dearly hope he finds the right container for him to share his gifts with the world. I am legally not able to share publicly the details of why I needed to end that contract (nor do I wish to from an ethical standpoint).

I don’t regret working with him for a moment. How could I – when I have learned so much? I don’t ever wish to lose those lessons, no matter how hard won. As that ye olden day quote goes… people come into our lives for a reason, a season or a lifetime. And often we don’t know which it is until we are looking back.


I’ve learned many, many lessons… all of which I’ll share here with you when the time is right.

Thank you as always for walking this journey with me… the path of business + conscious living is full of transformation + fucktonnes of personal growth. Most of the time I’m all “HOOOOORAY!!! PERSONAL GROWTH!!!” and sometimes I’m like “OH FUCK THIS SHIT I JUST WANT TO BE STATIC AND COMFORTABLE AND TOTES UNCONSCIOUS!”

Being a human is harrrrrrrrrrd guyzzzzzzz.

Okay possums… more to share… but for now… some of the goodies I shared last month!

FREE TRAINING! 10 Lessons From Building A Million Dollar Business

Well, well, well, lookie here what I have for you…

The savvy business lecture that has people wetting themselves with gigglesnorts and tears…

…My live keynote presentation recorded at the Cairns Business Women’s Club (worth $79!) for FREE!

You will learn:

  • How I built a million dollar business (as a kooky, artsy hippy no less!)
  • The number one thing you should invest in to grow your business
  • What work is essential for YOU to be executing and what to outsource
  • The success secret behind many of the world’s leading entrepreneurs and thought leaders
  • How to connect to your deepest why
  • How to be courageously YOUnique + keep your you-ness wherever you go!

Watch – or listen – and get the tips that will help you, now.


Good Stuff I Discovered This Year

I was looking back over the last year at the things that were good investments for me.

Things that I’m glad I spent the money on in my life.

Things that were in some way a game changer for me (sometimes in little ways and sometimes in big ways).

I wanted to share them with you…

Basically because I can’t keep my mouth shut at the best of times.

If there’s things in my head, they need to be shared.


Check out the good shiz I discovered this year!

25 Random Things About Me

I’ve been blogging for three thousand centuries now.

Well… like… 12 years.

Which is basically the same thing.

And sometimes I really yearn for ye olden days of ridiculous blogging that had no reason to exist except to share and connect.

This year I’m going to be creatively extending myself… reinvigorating myself… trying new things (and old things) to keep things fresh and fun and fabulous.

So, in that spirit, I’m doing something that was allllllllllll the rage back in 2006.

Here are 25 random things about me!

Our Top 1% of Blog Posts of All Time!

I’m taking a look back over the past 12 years of blogging/2,000 blog posts/nearly one million words written and sharing with you my 20 most popular blog posts of all time.

There’s freebies, there’s life stuff, there’s business, there’s big deep soul sharings as well…

It’s been a true honour sharing it with you… this job is really my favourite thing ever… and I hope we can share another 12 years and 2000 blog posts together. It’s been a joy… and such a blessing. I’m so grateful for your support, friendship, kinship and encouragement.

So… here’s the top 1% of my last 2000 blog posts my loves!

And here’s to sharing 2000 more!

A Walk Down Market Lane…

I’m still beaming over here with gratitude, hope + excitement after our time together at the Shining Academy Retreat in Canberra.

It was so magical to be with so many like-minded souls under one roof and I can’t thank the participants enough.

One super magical aspect of the retreat was to see the market stalls set-up with so many shining products! Participants were able to set up a stall to promote their products – FUNNNNNNNNN!

While I wish one day we could ALLLLLLLLLLL meet together in Hippyville, I thought it might be fun to give you a sneak peek.

Here’s your virtual market stall tour!


I’ve Struck Podcast Gold! Eventual Millionaire Interview!

My interview with Eventual Millionaire went live this week which has been a LONGGGGG time in the works… getting on that podcast is like Podcast GOLD, I tell ya!

There’s an application process, and you need to prove you’re an actual millionaire (instead of just one of those shammy internet shonks who talk the talk but aren’t walkin’ the walk) and then there’s this intense process of trying to get on the recording calendar.

Check out my Eventual Millionaire interview!


Upcoming Canberra Speaking Events!

WELL! Fuck a duck!

Look at me getting out and about!

The hermit is outta the hills and gettin’ out in the world!

I’ll be the keynote speaker at two events in canberra in the coming weeks!

At both events, I’ll be speaking honestly about the journey of building a multi-million dollar company, how I’ve become a best-selling author, the mistakes I see business owners making + I’ll also doing Q&A sessions.

Come see me in Canberra!

Okay my dearests… I’m sending you all so much love + gratitude as always…

Thank you for being my tribe of goddess sisters…

Totes wishing we could set up a teepee commune somewhere for a few days…

It would be like Burning Man… but more like… Radiant Woman.

Big love + cuddles,


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