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my cold broke today
i can finally cough and sneeze it all out
what a relief to just finally *be*

a relief to read jen gray’s words.
in fact, i just sat on the page for a while. even now i haven’t got it closed.
i’m just looking at that flower, reading those words,
drinking it softly in.

a relief to talk to my friend sezolas too.
it’s like we fell from the same tree or something… she gets me, i get her.
and that’s got to be the most splendid thing to be gifted upon a friendship.
it’s funny because it seems like we have traded places of sorts ~
she from the city and ditched it in to drive up to North Queensland.
Me, from North Queensland, ditching it in to drive down to the city.

a relief to look into the dolphin stencilled study,
see the morning light breaking over my writing desk
and to have the largest smile on my face. relief.
to know where my home is. where my heart lies.

a relief to have my darling dog beside me.
curled up against me as i cough and sniffle joyously.

relief… that i am now going to kiss my writing desk with words.

relief in soft tissues, in warm sunshine,
in the breath of my sweet dog,
in friends, in laughter, in words.

there is so much beauty to be found in this world.