is never easy.
but you know when you both are holding each other tightly,
looking at each other with full, watery blue eyes
teary. sobbing as chris leads me back down the airport.
you know that when saying goodbye is so damn sad
it means you’ve had the best ever time.
that your heart is full and open.
that you have been blessed with a huge, big love and friendship.

so whilst there is sadness in goodbyes ~
it is far better to have loved and said goodbye
than to have not said hello at all.

i love you big brudda.
thank you for coming to visit,
and thank you for choosing this journey, with me as a sister.

we’ve all chosen these journeys.
and i know i’ll keep choosing to keep coming back to be your friend.


i’m off on a fabulous adventure ~
me and Lile are going to Melbourne for two days for work which will be divine ~ I haven’t been there before.
Agenda thus far:
– Sight seeing
– Chinatown
– Dinner at Lile’s mum’s place
– Desserts and fabulousness with some of the Melbourne SARKettes!

Will be taking my camera of course,
and will share with you my adventure when i get back!

much love to you all,

PS ~ May life surprise you in shiny, light streaked moments today.